Sanity, Madness and the Family has ratings and 17 reviews. Erik said: After reading them in paperback, I purchased Laing’s The Divided Self, Self and. Sanity, Madness, and the Family: R.D. Laing: and published, with Aaron Esterson, Sanity, Madness, and the Family (), a group of studies of people whose. Sanity, Madness and the Family: R. D. Laing and A. Esterson – Volume Issue 3 – Anthony S. David.

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He and his co-workers suggested that the way some families worked could generate psychotic behaviour in one member, who was selected, more sanlty less unconsciously, to bear the brunt of family dysfunction. Katherine rated it liked it Mar 06, I did not come away at all convinced of this thesis in terms of what is today called schizophrenia, but I still loved the book.

Writer Hilary Mantel talks about the influence of RD Laing | Books | The Guardian

Laing thought that, if you listened, the patient would tell you how her world worked; the language might be metaphorical, even wanity, but that was logical in a context where plain speech had been penalised and where children had been taught, as they grew, to distrust their own perception and memory, and give way to the memories and perceptions of others.

The ploys, the shifts of sense, the secrets and the ambivalence still seem familiar. Intrigued, Laing engaged another Glaswegian, Dr.


Very interesting, not least maadness parents in many of these case studies, to the modern sensibility, appear to have Aspergers Syndrome. Laing’s znd on the causes and treatment of serious mental dysfunction, greatly influenced by existential philosophy, ran counter to the psychiatric orthodoxy of the day by taking the expressed feelings of the individual patient or client as valid descriptions of lived experience rather than simply as symptoms of some separate or underlying disorder.

Laing’s ideas are out of favor these days. Left is right, up is down, and, often enough, your mother’s your sister, and your father’s not your father.

Author, author: Every writer has a ‘How I became a writer’ story

Create a free personal account to access your subscriptions, sign up for alerts, and more. Download the PDF to view the article, laiing well as its associated figures and tables. I think it showed powerfully that the ‘diseased’ person may be the one that is unable to cope within a This book turns fifty this year.

Inwhile working at the Tavistock, John Bowlby introduced Laing to Gregory Bateson’s double bind theory of schizophrenia. The initial impetus is lost in a murky swamp of happenstance. I sometimes say that I wrote my first book because it didn’t exist, and I wanted to read it. Humans do not live in isolation but have daily interactions and experiences that shape their lives and thoughts.

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Some authors reply sweetly: Return to Book Page. I was a law student, and a placement with the probation service had put me on the alert for what is coldly described as multiple family dysfunction. Sep 10, Sunny marked it as to-read.


It contains eleven stories, all real, of eleven young schizophrenic women and their families. Certain factors reappear consistently in the studies – talking over children; denial that they are separate, with different likes and needs, and lack of concern when they are almost comatose probably inspired by a belief that they must be just acting. Do these things go on in all sorts of families?

Trivia About Sanity, Madness a The authors’ thesis is that schizophrenia is a confabulated diagnosis and that when patients are seen in the context of their families, symptoms are better understood as attempts to cope with dysfunctional or unbearable family dynamics. It’s all about the narcissism of parents destroying lives. That’s true as far as it goes, but if I am asked about “influences” I find it hard to give a slick answer.

Laing asked his reader: I didn’t do anything. Alix Hunter rated it liked it Jun 23, Sanity, Madness and the Family: His cultural influence has lasted, though some wish otherwise; his work reinforced the scepticism many feel about the biological basis of mental and emotional distress.