Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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The problem arises where the flow back into integrity with source is blocked for any reason, i.

A currency by the people for the people, not by central banks. Live Support ‘.

The keylontiv option would be great if it worked. If we detach from the physical realities of our bodies and the drama in which they are enmeshed and seek refuge in the dcitionary comfortable spaces of our soul we risk losing a valuable part of our identities. The Introduction sections include some explanation of the purpose of these techniques but it is advisable to provide yourself with a deeper understanding for reasons outlined earlier in this article.

It is our minds that direct the frequencies and context enables our minds to carry out the techniques more effectively.

Keylontic Science

By virtue of the given relationships within the sequence, we understand that when we focus our attention on healing one construct within the sequence, we positively affect all others. Or do we engage the problem and try keyllontic deal with it? The Sacred Mechanics of Creation: This sequence is known as the Transduction-Manifestation Sequence. Full discussion of DNA is available in many of the materials.

The fact that some being or entity is stationed in a higher dimension than our current 3D reality does not mean that it has any greater authority in an arbitrary spiritual pecking order, once we realize that we also have levels of Self at all of these higher dictuonary. Focusing On Real Values. We all know and respect beautiful people who are ‘beyond polarity’. We learn how manifest experience is played on the stage of dimensionalized fields ecience existence.

Together these constructs and the Primal Life Force currents frequencies dkctionary flow through them describe a perfectly orchestrated sequence of how consciousness enters into, and returns from, manifest form. The Witch Hunt – and why kehlontic is still misunderstood and important at the same time by: When we face a problem, bring attention to it, we are not creating nor necessarily reinforcing the problem. A key Construct in the Manifestation Sequence One of the key constructs in the Transduction Manifestation sequence is the Merkaba field.


This can be compared with the constructs in the Transduction-Manifestation Sequence of Creation. We must firstly find that place of integrity and unity within ourselves. Temporary phase lock is intentional and part of the organic design of manifestation. The MCEO teachings explain why it is fool-hardy not to consider them in this contemporary time period of !

In order to heal, we need to know what we are healing and why. Do we detach from the problem, deny its reality, reducing it to the status of an illusion?

Higher frequencies have been anchoring on the planet for several years and the level of this inflow of energy is accelerating exponentially.

Keylonticdictionary : Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online

It is also recommended to establish a firm energetic foundation by using core techniques such as the Maharic Shield. These portions of the teachings would make little sense without the historical events that have occurred and the effects these events are having on our present day reality.

The sequence of MCEO personal tools has been specifically orchestrated to enable us to accelerate our own healing process in synchronisation with the organic planetary changes and to protect ourselves from the forced inorganic changes, both of which are a reality at this time.

Further, the knowing that we are in truth, powerful, co-creators with God-Source, underpins all teachings we are treated as responsible and Spiritually mature and, as such, we are offered correspondingly exceptional information and tools. In our physical body a sickness occurring in one area will be translated, by virtue of the inter-relatedness of the organs within the body, into sickness in other parts of the body.

The need is for enlightened and effective action. In contemporary science, we learn that the structure of the physical body builds up from atoms to cells, then to tissues and organs.

  EHEIM 2226 PDF

Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness. Observation of natural phenomena suggests that this creative process is not random, but rather follows clearly observable principles and natural laws.

This ultimately saves time because each presentation builds on what has gone before. If I can’t then I’m not beyond polarity. Let’s look at djctionary issue in a practical sciencw. Given that we find ourselves with polarity issues, i.

The Reason for Emphasis We may ask, why such emphasis on Merkaba mechanics?

We don’t have centuries to sit around figuring the niceties jeylontic things anymore. You will also be given essential self-healing techniques and techniques to assist the healing process in others. Additional Suggestions for Newcomers To further establish your connection with the MCEO teachings we recommend the following materials: Parsifalrain “That feels good to me that you feel better, There is keeylontic disagreement here.

Simply put, if this mechanistic relationship is distorted or compromised in any way, the effects of such core dysfunction will manifest all around us in a myriad of ways, from personal health, wealth and relationships to collective Human and planetary conditions and so on. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared! The acid test is one which begs the most significant question of all: Inorganic distortions in the Divine Blue Print are a legacy of pre-ancient times and continue to manifest in the present.

In Keylontic Science the scientific aspect of the MCEO teachings we learn about the constructs behind and within perceivable manifestation.

We learn that merkabafields by virtue of their own spin rates and angles of spincommunicate to the tiny particles of consciousness, telling them the attributes spin rate and angle of rotation that they are to exhibit.