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Once we know the attenuation of the RS and RN network, we isl62260 then determine the Droop amplifier Gain required to achieve the load line. Dimensions in for Reference Only. However, no responsibility is assumed by Intersil or its subsidiaries for its use; nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use.

The IBAL circuit will adjust the channel pulse-widths up or down relative to the other channels to dxtasheet the voltages presented to the ISEN pins to be equal.

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However, the switching frequency variation will be kept small to maintain the output voltage ripple within SPEC. At steady state, a high level logic signal on this pin indicates that the micro-processor is in Deeper Sleep Mode. VW pin sources current.

And very importantly, the PCB traces sensing the inductor voltage should be go directly to the inductor pads. When Comp pin voltage is lower, the switching frequency will not be at lsl6260 tested value but can still maintain ils6260 output voltage ripple within spec. The external resistance difference in these two conditions is: Refer to Figure Due to the dynamic operation of the CPU, the inductor current is pulsating and the power monitor signal needs to be filtered.


Essentially one resistor can replace the RO resistors of each phase and one RS resistor can replace the RS resistors of each phase. When the temperature datawheet down, the NTC thermistor voltage will eventually go up.

The ISLC has several other key features. For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www. The power stage parameters such as L and Cs are needed as the input to calculate the compensation component values.

Attention has be paid to the input resistor to the FB pin. When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will occur. The output voltage of the PMON pin is given by: Excellent Dynamic Current Balance between Channels? Datasueet first is a slow slew rate, used to reduce inrush current on start-up.

Therefore, a resistor is needed to be in series with the NTC. Rmin is the trace resistance from the adtasheet to the microproccessor on the phase with the least resistance. Do not operate at or near the maximum ratings listed for extended periods of time.

The maximum Roc is 30k. The compensation design has to ensure the isl62660 impedance of the converter be lower than 2.

ISL datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

When this voltage is summed with the other channels DC voltages, the total DC load current can be derived. Rdrp 1 80 mV EQ. Overcurrent protection is related to the voltage droop which is determined by ratasheet load line requirement. This ratio provides for a fairly reasonable amount of light load signal from which to arrive at droop.

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First, there is no NTC datasneet for thermal compensation, therefore, the Rn resistor network in the previous section is Power Monitor The power monitor signal tracks the inductor current.

A current reduction on NTC pin and 40mV voltage increase on threshold voltage of the comparator in this state. Due to the fact that the voltage feedback to the switching regulator is sensed at the processor die, there exists the potential of an overvoltage due to an open circuit feedback signal, should the regulator be operated without the processor installed.

The selection of Cn may require a slight adjustment to correct for layout inconsistencies datasbeet component tolerance. Only if the inductor current is really cross zero, does the true DCM occur.

It is better to keep this resistor below 3k when using this file. The second level of overvoltage protection behaves differently.

H, Cn is calculated in Equation To see whether the NTC has compensated isl62260 temperature change of the DCR, the user can apply full load current and wait for izl6260 thermal steady state and see how much the output voltage will deviate from the initial voltage reading. This voltage is given by Equation And its combined tolerance at a wide temperature range should be calculated.

As long as the inductor time constant matches the droop circuit RC time constants as given above, the transient performance will be optimum. This cap needs to be a high grade cap like X7R with low tolerance.

We use Equation