Title: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Author: Books, Name: Ilm ul adad ke Karishmay, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published: Ilm ul Adad in Urdu & Hindi. Urdu Main Sub Kuch Saleem Ghaffar; 27 videos; views; Last updated on Apr 23, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Ager aap kay naam ka adad six (6) hai to phir janiye apni shakhsiyat, khoobi o khamiyan, maali muamlat, Asma e ilaahi, luckygemstone aur.

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Ilm ul Adad in Urdu- Update 9 months ago.

Ilm Ul Adad Encyclopaedia

It certainly leads toward a complete commanding life, most of the renowned monarchs, dictators, states men, think tanks and socio economic planners are having their fate and personality number is nine. AOA Bro please see this post: Each day, we are exposed to numbers.

In arabic, the alphabets are called as Abjadiyah. They chase their dreams and finely achieve them. Thanks for your kind words, Please get the book of Mr. Hie my father taught me about numbers if u want to see uurdu zodiac sign of person u calculate his her name mothers name and divide by 12 but it does not come accurete help. In Ilm e Jafar Like Numerology, calculating the numbers of a given name or question or Verse are very easy.

Most renowned Reformists, Successful business men, Doctors and surgeons, poets, writers, dancers, media advisors, media producers and directors of past and urud are born under the fate and personality number six 6.


Number nine is unanimously considered as the most powerful number in urfu. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Although 28 different basic alphabetical sequences exists, but the mother of them is the basic Abjad known commonly as Abjad e Qamri, given below, is used for all common tasks.

Tashkhees karna Marz ki tashkhees Diagnose your problem 1 months ago. This number can hardly be negative that is why it leads towards a safe and healthy life. It is also related to a strong family system, deep and emotionally knitted relations. This Abjad calculator can be used to calculate the numerical value of any word or phrase or sentence sdad ease.

Thank you and good luck. Will it be successfull? Though this number remains positive most of time but if once this number got negative then it is almost impossible to re get heights. Adav Bro, very good question. It is also used in numerology to assign the equivalent numbers for the Arabic words.

Ilm Ul Adad Encyclopaedia : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I will like your assistance regarding full details of abjad calculation in related to choosing future careers and marriages. Ilmul adad se har sawal ka jawab acad 2 months ago. It brings countless powers and effects on the life of an individual. This is the number of Love and Romanticism.

Everything of the universe is into couples as positivity and negativity day and night, evil and virtue etc. Ap Ka Sitara Konsa Hai?

And If you want to know about you, you just im to dial If you want to have online classes, they will be available shortly and it will be announced on the blog.


Ilm e Jafar : Calculating Numbers in Urdu, Arabic or Persian – KazSoft

Hey there, Youu have done an incredible job. Energy patrons of number thee are complicated and people having their fate and personality number three 3 are very sociallively and party animals in extreme conditions but at the same ugdu for some other people or opponents they are nonsocial, sadistic and aloof.

My mother name is azizan bibi.

Salaam Sir my dob 7 January Monday please help me about my career which will be best for me. These people are mostly very talented and great technicians and technology producers. What are the Alpha numeric values of phonetics? This number is also related to five sensory systems Sight ophthalmoceptionHearing audioceptionTaste gustaoceptionSmell olfacoception or olfacceptionand Touch tactioception that is why this number is considered as social activities and experiments.

Ilm e Jafar : Calculating Numbers in Urdu, Arabic or Persian

What make me come here is that I want to urduu online and practice ilm ul adad, ilme jafar akhbari and asaari. A decimal number system in which each 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet are assigned to a numerical value, these numbers are referred as Abjad numerals. To start with, study the below mentioned books:.