Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; and fixes, posted February 16, ; IDRISI Selva Users – Service Update to v Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Tutorial. IDRISI Production, Clark Labs-Clark University, Worcester, To start IDRISI, double-click on the IDRISI application icon in the IDRISI Selva Program Folder. This will load the IDRISI system. Once the system has loaded.

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Click in the image window where you want the beginning of the text to go. Use the shape of the lake to help identify the specific lake [it is actually a reservoir–could you deduce this delva the satellite image?

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

REF The Landsat images have been georeferenced to a UTM [zone 10, North] coordinate system, so if we assign the same georeference system to the roads [knowing that roads had previously been projected to a UTM coordinate system within ArcGIS], the roads and the Landsat images will be geographically referenced together. What does NDVI stand for? You may not need to save your work if you answer the questions as you go.

Since the first Output Idrisi image filename was converted to all uppercase, it would be better if you retyped that filename to follow the case of the other filenames. Hand in the printout of your Landsat composite image. Using Windows Explorer, go to: Include the same information as in the previous map, but provide tuutorial appropriate title. We will have some hard copies of the relevant sections of the IDRISI tutorial available for you in the lab a scanned copy of the relevant sections here.


To do this, you need to display band1 in blue, band2 in green and band3 in red.

Tope-AjayiOlukemi L. What features turned ‘black’ in the image after adjusting the contrast? One of the first steps you must tutoriap before starting most Digital Image Analysis DIA projects is to import the data i.

Prediction of scenario carried out using neural network, which is a built-in module in the Idrisi.

The differences selvs raster and vector data are discussed throughout the exercises, although Exercises and in particular cover the material you should use in your answer to this question.

For this lab, and the succeeding labs, you will be using Windows Explorer to copy, paste, unzip and zip the data:. What features in particular stand out in the image the ‘fuzzy worms’ 5 Question Add the vector layer roads as above recall: In the second week, complete the rest of Part 1, Exercises 1. Is the spatial resolution of this image different from that of the other bands? Layers and Group files Question 4. Set the map scale RF toomitting the comma when specifying the scale; right-mouse clicking within the image allows you to specify the map scale.


GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Zoom into the area just southeast of Chilliwack where Hwy 1 idriei more or less due east-west, and use the Measure tool to determine how far off in a north-south direction only the vector roads are from the roads as imaged in the Landsat images. In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks like a bulls eye.

If you click on the Files tab you should see a list of the files stored in the Using Idrisi directory. Advanced GIS Geob The naming convention for composite images is variable.

The roads should appear overlaid futorial the Landsat image. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. You will be complete five of the Tutorial Part 1: Right click on the existing pathname which might be C: Right click on the existing projects folder and select Change projects folder. You will then import some Landsat data of the Fraser Valley and answer some questions pertaining to that dataset.

Select Text as the Layer Type.