The Hextronik servo won’t break any records, it wont astound you with it’s amazing torque or scare your friends with it’s ninja-like high speed action, but it is . Any experiencie/review of this servo: Hextronik HX Dimentions: 40x20x38mm. Weight: 39g. Speedsec/60Deg Stall Torque: I have been using the HX standard version in several planes, and generally happy with them, especially since I can power them with a.

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Boomerang elevator, rudder and throttle use with an orange receiver. What power will I need? I’m running with a Zippy 6.

Tengo 2 No funcionan, se traba al girar, ya hextrpnik todo, es un problema en el circuito integrado. Have been using the hx for the last year in a mm aerobatic sukhoi31 with a.

These are my aileron servos in wing. Have them on a lipo set up running a bec at 5v. Fast response and great power. Have never had any issues to date as much as ive flown the hetronik out of the plane. Yes they are a little noisy signal wise as they hold center but for the price and what they deliver per unit im happy to hear them working on the ground.


Hextronik HX digital? – RC Groups

Never hear them in the air. But almost db 2m will cover that. Been using these for years and years. I have never had a problem with them. I have already built a biped and it worked fine.

Hextronik Servos

Now I am working on a heavier model approx 1kg with 10 DOF and hhextronik servos actuate the joints via linkages for more torque. This one quit at ful throdle and I had to waite for plane to run out fuel. What might cause it to melt a small hole in the bottom of the servo?

I have two other in the plane and woundering if they may do the same thing. Thanks for your help Charles Parker. Modeltech Formula 3D 60 With an O. Have been using for 2 flying seasons with no issues. Will agree that they are noisy but are fast and have more than enough torque for this plane. I put this plane together over two years ago and my budget for the sport was tight so I looked for ways to stretch my money. I originally set the servos up with the clevis close in on the servo and out far on the control horn, as I didn’t want to overwork the gears in the cheap servos.

Over the coarse of a year I moved the linkage out on the servos and in on the horn. This made the oversized control surfaces deflect fast and far. The servos have held up even under this stress.


Hextronik Servos (27)

Anything better would be overkill and a waste of my money. This is my every day, go to plane and I would recommend this plane and the setup to anybody. I changed over to a 6.

I only have 3 flights on these servos and love them. I should add that I am using an AR some have said that this is why I had to go to the larger pack.

HXT 5010 Twin bearing Digital Servo 25T 6.5kg / 0.16sec / 39.2g

Submit a review of Hextronik HX Dual Bearings Rotational Range: Rating 4 only because they jitter a bit.

Jonnathan Estrada June 8, Harley February 7, All control xh5010 on 60 size and up planes. Biped robot actuators Comments: Charles Parker March 25, Engine control on super sports hextrobik. I should add that I am using an AR some have said that this is why I had to go to the larger pack for the price you can’t beat em.