A good occasion to take a look at Genna Sosonko’s new book “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”, a fine memoir of one of the most. Chess-News will offer you the detailed coverage of the event, namely Genna Sosonko will be on the spot to share everything he will see in. We will talk to Genna Sosonko who was present at the historical Blitz Match between Kasparov and Short or “veterans” match as one of its.

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Korchnoi was also dismissive of Carlsen. Sosonko vs V Osnos.

Genna Sosonko: “Short Was Pretty Upset About the Last Game” |

That is true especially for blitz. Surely the Candidates tournament is also noteworthy. The guests have gathered at the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville. Take one a day to be a better chess player. See something that violates our rules?

Genna Sosonko: “Short Was Pretty Upset About the Last Game”

Hou Yifan could have traded. A27 English, Three Knights System. He wins the following Candidate Matches and in he plays in Baguio City, the capital of the Philippines, for the world title against Karpov — at that time Korchnoi is already 47 years old. His tournament record includes 1st at Wijk aan Zee1st at Nijmegen3rd at Amsterdam1st at Wijk aan Zee3rd at Tilburg and 4th at Haninge Anyway, despite my great respect to all German participants, none of them is among the world elite or on the list of the top GMs.


So readers can expect master-level games in specific openings where one side wins quickly, and the idea is that some knowledge of typical traps and tactics can be discerned by playing through them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Does that mean we’re facing the tendency when chess is gaining sponsors who not just have money, but have some chess achievements?

The chess games of Gennady Borisovich Sosonko

So, we have to compliment not just those people to whom all the GMs should be thankful – as long as they gain an opportunity to play, as well as the spectators – who can watch all those games, – soeonko chess itself, for it stays an absolutely pure game which they all played years ago, while being students and haven’t forgotten it. In Sosonko’s prime it was much harder to get the GM title than it is today, and none of his contemporaries did.

Sosonko has sospnko six non-technical chess books centering heavily on his chess life in the Soviet Union and his relationships with and memories of both leading Soviet players and lesser-known characters in chess history. Korchnoi played his last Candidates Match when he was 60 years old, inin the quarterfinals of the Candidates Matches.

His sosonnko strength dwindled but he still understood the game better tenna most and this often provoked him to lecture younger players — even if they had just won against them. Anand actually complained that, even though he had won about a dozen games against Korchnoi with no losses, Korchnoi would tell him each time that he didn’t have a clue how to play chess. Perhaps more relevant were the confluence of strong Grandmaster endorsements for this training strategy. D21 Queen’s Gambit Accepted.


Oddly enough I again remembered Donner and Tolush.

If they remove Geenna by. At first glance it looks like white has used up all of his defensive resources… And yet: Chapter 12 – Removal from Office Anand, Gelfand, Caruana and Kramnik. Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin. The readers will be able to gather points in each of the five qualifying rounds; in each round the readers will be asked 3 questions in Russian: Viktor told me several times: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

In Korchnoi wins the Soviet Junior Championships.

But of course he was happy; he won the match after all. Recent comments Good move!

Gennadi Sosonko

Two years later Kasparov was World Champion, the youngest in the history of chess. Note that each of the six books bears the same title, with the only change being the thematic piece featured therein.

In general, this is a city with a rich chess tradition.