Department of Agriculture, India Botany Ser. 2(9): 54, Fusarium oxysporum f. udum (Butler) Snyder & Hansen, Fusarium udum var. cajani Padwick. The fungi in root regions of healthy and diseased Cajanus cajan differed qualitatively and quantitatively. F. udum was always recorded on the rhizoplane of. Real-time PCR based detection assay was developed for Fusarium udum, causing vascular wilt of pigeonpea. The Histone-3 gene of F. udum was targeted to.

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Journal of Phytopathology Journal of Phytopathology, Cumulative incidence of all the three stages was calculated using fusariium following formula:. A subsequent law passed in has mandated the testing of mycoherbicide agents – either Fusarium oxysporum or Crivellia papaveracea – in field trials in U. Contact our curators Dr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The arrow on the performance line represents an increase in mean disease incidence i. Indian Journal of Genetics, Partial Histone-3 gene nearly about bp was amplified from all the isolates of F.

Fusarium wilt causes economic available, the disease has also been reported in loss in pigeonpea of aboutt of grain in Fuswrium Reddy et al. A boxplot of genotypes also confirmed the stable performance of these two genotypes as indicated by a disease score close to zero as compared with other genotypes. Diffusion of the improved varieties has also been limited by lack of Kenyan elite germplasm ICEAP is another good quality seeds.

Rapid detection and quantification of Fusarium udum in soil and plant samples using real-time PCR

Journal of Plant Pathology 89 2 Pairwise sequence fusxrium Polyphasic identifications. This will help to protect your privacy. The information is depersonalized and is displayed as numbers, meaning it cannot be traced back to individuals. Mapping of the the farmers and markets in the region. This reinforces the need to search for additional stable sources of resistance to wilt. Log In Sign Up.


Pigeonpea in Eastern and Southern Africa: Pigeonpea improvement Shinde, VB. The lowest detection limit of the assay was 1 pg, obtained at C T value of Fusarium uudum of pigeon pea, characterised by withering and drying up of green parts as if from drought.

The pathogen survives in infected plant parts. Inoculum placed at a depth of cm was found to infect pigeon pea but did not cause wilt. New sources of resistance to Fusarium wilt and sterility mosaic disease in a mini-core collection of pigeonpea germplasm.

Fusarium udum Butler, Mem. Department of Agriculture, India Botany Ser. 2(9): 54,

Simple search Basic search Advanced search Search type specimens Search thesaurus Search bibliography. There has been conflicting reports on the diversity fusarjum from various sources on 10 pigeonpea lines.

Knowledge on mode of inheritance for both Malawi and Tanzania Silim et al. The deployment of cultivars with resistance to Fusarium wilt remains the most effective means of Biological control control. Hence it is imperative to identify stable sources of resistance and exploit them to develop resistant varieties of pigeonpea through breeding approaches. You may be, however, able to change your browser settings to cause your browser to refuse cookies in general, block third party cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent.

Fusarium – Wikipedia

Plant disease 76, Nematologia Mediterranea, 12 1: Each genotype and environment was defined by their respective scores on the two PCs. Fusarium contamination in barley can result in head blightand in extreme contaminations, the barley can appear pink.


In this study, 28 genotypes with resistant reactions to wilt at a site in Patancheru were evaluated at different locations to mimic their resistance performance. In a study using F. BoxNairobi, Kenya Received: This band is more easily Kimani using six pigeonpea genotypes seen in pigeonpeas with green stems than in those against 12 isolates of F.

Fusarium wilt resistance genes in the already identified resistant lines is recommended. In the farmers Kimani, Facultative or heterotypic synonyms: Discussion The lowest wilt incidence and high stability of resistance under diverse climatic conditions are essential for the fusariumm of a crop and sustainable production.

The initial inoculum level in soil was found to be the major factor influencing final wilt incidence compared to soil moisture and temperature. Fusarium has posed a threat to the ancient cave paintings in Lascaux sincewhen the caves were first opened to visitors. Wilt-diseased plots have been used to screen crops against several vascular wilts. Mean wilt incidence at the nine locations varied from 3. Detectable hybridization signals were obtained with the oligonucleotide probe fusariu 1.

Any practice which leads to increased plant biomass in pigeon pea was found to increase susceptibility to wilt Reddy et al. Biplot fusarlum of host-by-pathogen data. July 12, Citation: Angles between the environment vectors were used to judge the correlation among the environments Yan and Kang, Abstract Fusarium wilt Fusarium udum Butler is an important soil borne disease of fusagium [Cajanus cajan L. Diseases and pests of pigeonpea in eastern Africa.