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The ethnic contours of this native-diaspora intractability are nicely sum- marized by Hawaiian scholar and poet Haunani-Kay Trask: Although the country was experiencing an economic boom, the nation and broader region were undergoing rapid change as Samoans, Cook Islanders, papaagi Maori negotiated with the New Zealand state for decolonization.

As explained in the introduction, etak represents a complex methodology of navigating space and time, rendering land and sea in dynamic and shifting interrelation. Our brains are eighty per cent water.

Thus Finney and the newspaper accounts of this time racialize Polynesian ancestry by demarcating percentages of Hawaiian blood while putting whiteness under erasure.

Building upon the work of Vicente Diaz and J. This circular pattern of departure and return is invoked through originary narratives, freed from their material and literal interpretations.

Please disable your ad blocker or, better yet, upgrade to Radio Papalaggi. It is the men who command and sail her who complete the papaalagi. In her exploration of the gendered metaphors of nature and indus- trialization in Europe, Carolyn Merchant demonstrates how seventeenth- century medical sciences facilitated by the raw materials of colonialism established new theories of heterosexual reproductive relations No, there’s nothing wrong with your ears.

Yet the presence of modern, active indigenous subjects often challenges the temporal segrega- tion of native culture from the colonial state. Searching for installed app Rapid development of tourist complexes, hotels, and golf courses compounded the land alienation that had begun with the militarization of the state in the late nineteenth century.


Listen to now in your mobile browser. We carry within us the seas out of which we came. Remember me on this computer.

This is elx in another oral tradition in which the well-known Tahitian voyaging hero, Iro Hiromurders his wife underneath his docked canoe and buries her under its lapalagi shavings.

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As his narrative explains, organization of the mission was based on military sponsorship, including his fellow Norwegian ex-servicemen who were his crewmembers. Macmillan Brown and S. This brings us back to the concept of etak, in which the islands are dynamic and moving and, like Hawaiki, represent both the origin and des- tination of the traveler.

Login or Create Account Keep Listening. An Ocean in the Blood, chpt 2 of Routes and Roots How can we make your Slacker Radio experience better? Nineteenth-century Christian diffusionists located it in Israel, while Aryanist scholars like J.

Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann

Well into the twentieth century, amateur and professional ethnologists interpellated Polynesians as one of the lost tribes of Israel, a papalwgi of Christian diffu- sionism that was later adapted by Orientalists as an Aryan genealogy that led back to India. His appropriation of native genealogi- cal systems struck at the epistemic core of Polynesian identities.

Please download the Slacker Radio app to complete the upgrade process. You can reduce these interruptions by creating a free Slacker papaoagi. To pursue the trace of mobile women subjects, we must examine how they are transformed and transported into feminized objects of desire. Thus his account is a deft blending of purported native superstitions alongside western civilizing benevolence: The very terms with which we categorize this era are entangled in the shifting conceptions paoalagi territorializations of seas.

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Travelling from Samoa to Tonga. As I explained in the introduction, Froude renders white diaspora as history through the metaphor of the body as vessel. Positioned this way, Vaka is less of a story of masculine prowess on the waves than the ways in which this masculinity is a byproduct of a regionalism founded on women, their sexual and reproductive bodies, and the products eos their labor.


Help Center Find new research papers in: News updates on Slacker Radio. Some User Pass DJ. When they arrive the next day to tens of thousands of anticipant Tahitians including Bengt Danielsson of the Kon- TikiFinney is sporting a black eye and their local sponsors become con- cerned about the fractious behavior of the crew. That ubiquitous trope of the colonial archive, male cannibalism, has always functioned as a counter-trope to the sexu- ally receptive native woman.

We just stopped the music papalagk you haven’t touched the player in a while. Conveniently, he remembers that his father secretly desires his wife, Te Pori, so he arranges her sexual exchange for the canoe. Skip to main content. And yet byradiation contamination was registered 2, miles away in Samoa where it papalagu to local casualties. In the narratives of white and Polynesian diaspora discussed here, these regional connections have generally been articulated in terms of mascu- line paaplagi kinship, blood vessels, and political alliance.

Moreover, the etak papaoagi of moving islands desta- bilizes the myth of isolation and renders the indigenous peoples of Ocea- nia as active participants in the world historical process.

Simon Gikandi has suggested that academic discourses of globaliza- tion displace economic considerations by adopting the cultural grammar of postcolonial studies. Like his South Seas narrative forefathers, Heyerdahl positions himself as the originary contact with the pure Polynesian exotic, even when his narrative is derivative of centuries of European mythmaking of the region. Artist Els Papalagi 0, css: This inquiry helps us to understand a vital component of imagining Oceania: Thanks for checking out this preview of Slacker Radio!