Diavolul Memnoch (5) – Ebook written by Anne Rice. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline. Bibliographic information. QR code for Diavolul Memnoch (5). Title, Diavolul Memnoch (5). Author, Anne Rice. Publisher, Gaby. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Diavolul Memnoch îl are ca personaj principal tot pe vampirul Lestat, care de data asta este ‘curtat’ de Diavol însuși, care l-ar dori ca aghiotant. In mare, este o .

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Memnoch the Devil – Wikipedia

Memnoch the Devil — The fallen angel of legend also known as Satan or Lucifer. There, Maharet returns Lestat’s eye to him, along with a note from Memnoch that reveals Memnoch may have been manipulating Lestat to serve his own agenda. L’azione si interrompe e diavoluul un viaggio mistico tra il paradiso e l’inferno, in salsa dantesca.

And I’d picked up from my victim’s mind that this was where he always met his daughter in New York, for the simple reason that St. But this time around I found that, while I didn’t love it, I did appreciate it much more as xiavolul good story told. God continuously argues that Man is a creature of Nature and ruled by its laws; only through suffering and death can memnocu evolve and eventually diavolhl worthy of Heaven.

It felt as though there should have been at least a few more chapters to bring it all together. Even as a fiction, I don’t care about these concepts so this book I find I had to scheme read a lot. Let’s hope the rest of the series follows a different storyline.


I’m confused by all this and would if someone could clear things up. So if you’re memnochh a fan of tweaked biblical stories, you might not like this one. Even though Lestat suspects the entire experience was some kind of deception, he tells his story to ArmandDavid Talbot and Dora, who have joined him in New York City.

Memnoch the Devil

Mdmnoch a writer pens down a plot based on the evergreen bestselling book, people are bound to sit up and take notice. He intends to make a present of Heaven and Hell, allowing Lestat to visit each and ultimately see the face of God for himself; perhaps even interact with him.

While this crash course did hold some interesting aspects, I don’t want to read chapter after chapter about it.

Satan’ thing, and want to get Rice’s take on the minutiae of the Biblical version of creation. Peter Watts Goodreads Author. Published July by Ballantine Books first published July me,noch The first ish pages was great. Did I like him?

Editions of Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice

Memnoch the Devil [Jun 15, ]. Read or not to read. I was close to calling it quits while reading it but soldiered on. Want to Diavooul saving…. A mobster who runs a successful drug ring selling cocaine. God — Creator and ruler of the universe and all angels. But I still dixvolul the story to be for the most part, enjoyable. Wrong Format 2 32 Feb 05, I was disappointed because I was looking forward to the solution. He may have sinister ulterior motives. I haven’t read even one of the Vampire Chronicles and the only other Anne Rice book I read to date was a load of crap named ‘Violin’.

This is a novel that will transport Lestat towards an intangible world, where the realities are broken and collide like threads in a fabric and in which being a vampire seems almost an anecdote in the whole story. Memnoch the Devil is a book that closely follows the plot of The Body Thief.


Jan 06, J. This shocks and horrifies many of the angels. Was Jesus perhaps truly God incarnate here on Earth to observe and learn?

Parts of it intrigued me, but not to the same degree. Perhaps later entries will shed some light. He has also lost an eye in Hell. Saying that, mfmnoch a decent read, just not very interesting unless you’re really in to the whole ‘God vs.

Nicola Griffith Goodreads Author. Dora is the daughter of Roger.

Books by Horia Nicola Ursu

I have to say, out of all the Rice books that I’ve read, this one disappointed me the most. So, to say that if the writing were actually good then I would’ve loved this novel even without Menmoch charm, is actually saying quite a lot of how brilliant Anne’s interpretation of the devil is to me. Not that any of the previous books are realistic, but. She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in All of Memnoch’s story is told as flashback, and would be interesting if it weren’t weighed down with so much religious philosophy that Rice was clearly pondering at the time.