Welcome back to our reread of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. This week, we’re reading book 11, Dead Reckoning. Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, book 11) by Charlaine Harris – book cover, description, publication history. Booktopia has Dead Reckoning: A True Blood Novel, Sookie Stackhouse: Book 11 by Charlaine Harris. Buy a discounted Paperback of Dead Reckoning: A.

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Eric is being weaved out of the story gradually. After doing some digging, I skokie the bit I thought was a plot inconsistency is intentional. How sad is that? The circumstances were unfortunate, but since I knew almost nothing about her, it was difficult to stir up any strong emotions with the direction that particular situation went in.

It is probably one of the stalest lines I have sookje read but I remember the first time I read it in the back of Dead And Gone as a special preview while Sookie’s torture is still fresh, I didn’t find it corny or flat. View all 16 comments. And good luck to Eric in his new, unexpected, and possibly Sookie-less life, as arranged by his now-dead maker, very different from the one he has in True Blood.

It is still worth a buy and even if a friend lend me a copy I will still pay to get my own definitely.

Open Preview See a Problem? There is no juice left in this series. I want my I think she’s a brat, she yells too much, she’s too judgmental, changes her mind to whatever suits her at the moment CH recently stated in April that DR doesn’t “have a word about the history between Niall and Eric, because it’s not important to Sookie’s story. Hmm, I’m noticing a theme here. This is all great meaty stuff.

The story in this book is divided in two parts. I admit I was satisfied and can classify this as a mystery worthy of Sookie Stackhouse but the perpetrator is an old character and is solved halfway thru the book.


Since the book opened with her firebombing the bar, setting Sookie and Sam together I know a lot of people don’t get it but they would be a very good couple and causing the Eric hissy fit, it make sense that her death would be the final action in the book. And as much as I love hearing all those mundane details of your life, I really wish our time together could be used more wisely.

Dead Reckoning

PINED for this couple. There’s a schism between Eric and Pam, and Sookie knows she has something to do with it. It has some really good parts but they are all tied together with seemingly random and transient cords and then brought together for the final assembly.

How will this book effect her relationship with Pam? On the whole, I gasp prefer the HBO series over the books. I am not a moron, so I understood perfectly well what you meant the first times you described it the last 10 books.

She breaks their blood bond without even talking to him first. If I have to read Sookie describe what happened to Bubba every time his name reckonng a page, I will scream. I’m ready to end this book and move on to something else.

Quotes from Dead Reckoning. I feel like it’s just a hop, skip and jump from becoming something more. I’ve come to realize that one sure way to spoil a series for me is if there is no character growth through the stories. I still haven’t figured out who sent Hod and the stackhojse guy to kidnap Sookie.

A few old favourites make significant appearances here: I wish this book as about something more original. This is going to contain cusses. Sookie was back to herself but in better form than ever in many ways. I won’t be out trolling for staackhouse, though, like I do with Louise Penny’s addictive-as-chocolate-coated-nicotine-infused-heroin-enrobed-crack Three Pines mysteries.


There may have been several smaller plots working at the same time, but, you were able to see progression within the book, as well as, the series itself. Does this woman wear a special perfume that gets guys crazy over her? I find erckoning left with a lot of answered questions from the previous book, but a hell of a lot more now.

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Maybe I’m just angry because I’ve been waiting for years for this Victor showdown and in the anticipation I didn’t mind how much the price of this book is higher than the previous ones. Cross posted at http: Perfect Musical Pairing Rascal Flatts — These Days I just want to take a minute to say thank you for generic leather ebook cases, and car windows that close.

You can’t have it both ways!!!! As the book continued, it became more and more ridiculous. In short, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end of the series Eric ended up dead, and Bill emerged as a Sookie’s true love.

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) by Charlaine Harris

But for me she still acts too much like this is her first rodeo with a vampire and I find it frustrating. Things are strained between her and Eric. So I guess there it is.

The dialogue is left wanting, and she recycles a few very key metaphors throughout the story, but her writing wasn’t my main complaint.