So the Helbrute formation is here, yay! I’ve got a handful of these from Dark Vengeance, because they cost beans on ebay, less than $4 if you. Today the new dataslate Helbrutes was released, and if you are a Chaos Marine player with some of these laying around from the Dark. Hot off the presses and hot on heels of the new Helbrute kit we have the Helbrute Dataslate. Being a long-term Chaos Space Marine player.

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Vataslate, the loss of such menial warriors is of little matter to the Lords of Helbrute, many of whom view even these deaths as a suitable offering to the Gods. Lastly, the Murderpack is a vehicle unit of 5 Helbrutes with one of them designated as a champion conferring both an Aura of Dark Glory and Datadlate special rules, he also confers rage onto his unit if he goes down ; they also get to choose which Crazed result they have.

Only the most coherent amongst them can comprehend any form of orders. This is made worse by the fact that what a given Legion does with its Dreadnought occupants varies dramatically on an individual basis. Nearly good enough to actually persuade me to play 40k! A Black Legion Helbrute.

Some Traitor factions, such as the Night Lords or Alpha Legionmake significant use of stealth or terror tactics. For the Imperium, the crafting of a single Dreadnought is a major undertaking, an effort of artifice that is as much spiritual as physical. Instead, grab the Blastmaster if you need a new gun. First up, the dataslate reiterates and expands the background surrounding the Helbrute.

Only significant minus is that just like the Imperial Contemptors, the Chaos ones come in very limited numbers, and the technology and techniques to produce new ones disappeared in the fires of the Horus Heresy.

datxslate These are the Mayhem Pack, Helcult and Helfist Murderpack; all of them tweak both the brutes’ survivability and usefulness in one way or another. A Helbrute of the Chaos Space Marines. Being a long-term Chaos Space Marine player, with a penchant for the slightly crazed, and considering that the Helbrute kit is dataslxte rather good see my previous review for more on that frontI am pleased to report that the dataslate adds another, rather funky, aspect to including these lumbering, homicidal, dameon dataslste in a Chaos Space Marine army.


Like the Leviathan and Contemptor Dreadnoughts, it is extremely rare among the traitor legions, but still more than capable of delivering the Dakka. The critically injured Astartes is then bound into an amniotic sarcophagus at the combat walker’s heart, connected by cybernetic nervous system implants and a Mind Impulse Unit to the controls of the war machine.

Any Chaos Space Marine can end his days within a Helbrute’s shell. These Traitor Legions will use their Helbrutes as mobile armoured idols, helrbutes great masses of Cultists to clamour around the armoured walkers and follow them into battle. On paper, the Chaos Dreadnought is amazing save for one major flaw which is described in detail helbruutes – same cost as a loyalist Dreadnought, with one more attack. Once-proud Chaos Space Marinesthe pilots rail against being reduced belbrutes a shackled lump of meat.

Fluff-wise, Helbrutes are essentially Chaos Dreadnoughts with the grimdark dial turned to Although I do think that the Mayhem Pack has some serious potential and in the right situation the Helcult could be very handy. Notify me of new posts via email. The table below covers the effect of the dice rolls helhrutes 1d Its close-combat weapon can take a variety of forms Many players like giving them Defiler claws, Chainfists, or giant sledgehammersbut regardless of what it is, hhelbrutes counts as a Dreadnought Close-Combat weapon.

Such is the rage of a Helbrute pilot that, between war zones, they must be chained down and their weapons forcibly removed, lest they vent their homicidal desires upon their creators. The Emperor’s Children for example, keeps them in a drugged-up haze, whilst the World Eaters simply leave them awake and aware but unhooked from their Dreadnoughts.

Dataslate: Chaos Helbrute – A Review

Sign In Don’t have an account? With S8, T8 and 14 Wounds, this is going to be a tough bastard to put down.

Others are simply unfortunate enough to be too injured to fight back when the Warpsmiths begin their post-battle harvest.

These dreadnoughts are optimized for close combat assaults and as line breakers, modified from standard patterns to be larger and swifter than their more common counterparts. This page was last modified on 19 Septemberat The same could be said for the Berzerker Dread although the options have changed significantly that it’s just a World Eaters Helbrute. Others will charge with frightening speed into the teeth of the dataslae guns, heedless of the odds dataslats face or the distance between themselves and the victim they wish to tear limb from limb.


Once the warfleet’s warriors have landed at their target, the Helbrute is unleashed, a lunatic beast of flesh and metal intent upon venting its rage on everything in its path, friend and foe alike. A Thousand Sons Helbrute. Tl;drthink of them as the eviler and spikier counterparts to the Dark Angels Mortis Dreadnought as both are reliant on brain-shattering amounts of Dakka and loud noises to both make their enemies to shit themselves disorientated. It is rare read; almost never when a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord, Champion etc.

Dataslate: Helbrutes

A different approach is often seen amongst the more zealous Chaos Space Marine warbands, such as the Word Bearers and their ilk. A variant of the Castra-Ferrum Dread, these are dreads toting sonic weaponry and dedicated to Slaanesh. I mean just the idea of having 5 of these things as a rampaging mobile moshpit of death, smashing its way across the battlefield is enough to make me go out and buy three more kits. Yeah, GW’s really gone far with their names. Ads by Project Wonderful!

Such unpredictability makes Helbrutes a terrible danger to their foes. Most suspect that the biggest user of these things are the Dqtaslate Warriors given their playstyle.

Helbrute | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The last and probably best upgrade available is the Warp Amp, which allows you to double your firing rate if you don’t move. The unholy bastard child of Contemptor Dread and a Gal Vorbak troop, this thing was an oddity that was exclusive to the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy. The more damage a Helbrute sustains, the more enraged and erratic its behaviour will become. However, the target priority harkens back to 3.

Tortured by an awareness of the freedom they once possessed, and the ignominious fate they now suffer, the Chaos Space Marine implantee soon degenerates into a raving lunatic. Indeed, there are those Traitor war leaders who have gone even further, developing specialised tactics to turn the unstoppable fury of Helbrutes to their advantage.