User Manual Cuplok () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. User Guide SGB Cuplock Scaffold System. Uploaded by. S. GUIDANCE NOTE. This manual is valid only for the use of. Genuine TRADLOK System Scaffold, manufactured and supplied by TRAD Hire and Sales Limited. This document is subject to periodic revision and updating. Before designing scaffolds with. Systems™ Scaffold components, visit to be.

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Forkheads or Headplates to support timber on Du-al Form main bearers. Values are given for the case of the horizontal in the first cup from the top or bottom of the vertical and for the horizontal in the second cup. Limited by Cuplok System.

This may be from Cuplok Ledgers if the spacing is suitable, or otherwise with tube and fittings. Assume the horizontal force is a combination of 2. Two grades of steel have been considered for the verticals; BS Grade 43, which was the standard usage in the UK until Novemberwhen SGB Manyal started using verticals made from Grade 50 steel: Again, care should mnual taken in the design of taller structures, paying particular attention to manuak overturning of the towers.

Plan dimensions of both Towers are 4. The basis of design is usually that the buckling length is between the horizontal lifts. Guidance Note For this heavier duty and in particular when new equipment is supplied, it will greatly assist in the striking of the falsework if the top screw jacks are lubricated. To ensure that the structure manaul constrained to this mode of buckling, diagonal bracing should be provided capable of resisting a notional horizontal load of 2.


If the actual vertical load per vertical is very close to the permissible, then it may be necessary to assess the additional vertical load in certain legs, due to the transmission of horizontal loads by the diagonal bracing.

CUPLOK Data Sheets | Ramakrishnan Sundaram –

However, they may be used in cantilever form as shown, in corners only, provided that the loads shown on pages 31 and 32 are not exceeded. It may therefore be necessary to make this calculation in two parts, firstly for those horizontal loads from sources other than wind, and secondly for the horizontal load solely due to wind.

Details are given for guidance only. Height adjustment has to be carried out before the bracing is put on. See pages and for details. By inspection of the value of the vertical loads, a trial vertical spacing of the horizontal is then chosen.

Horizontals supporting these Intermediate Transoms may be limiting. Horizontal forces should be distributed over all verticals as evenly as possible. Bottom jack extension unbraced and bottom lift. If ties are only connected to the inside horizontal or vertical, then plan braces should be put in at every tied level in the same bays as the face bracing.

Care should be taken to see that the support bar is in full line contact with the underside of the forkhead. If the formwork is continuous and with rigid connections between members, then forkhead lacing should not be required. Some of the horizontals on the outside of the curve of the scaffold must be moved to a different level and in the commonest case of providing access around the scaffoldiing of a structure then the horizontal is moved up by 1m to form a guardrail.


To fix forkheads to jack use M8 x 60 bolt and nut. It provides nodal restraint and resists external forces. Face Bracing Face bracing is required over the full height for one bay in every four. A trial spacing of verticals has to be established after assessing the intensity of the load to be supported and the type of formwork in use. The Cuplok verticals must be checked to ensure that grade 50c steel only is delivered to site i.

cuplock scaffolding manual

The direction of the braces must be alternated. Permissible heights, depending on loading and tie pattern, are shown on page Earlier brackets are deep and have different end detail. The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. A release tool is also available.

An effective brace must extend from forkhead to base plate level. Rectangular bays are used as normal for a scaffold and over 1. The rise of each staircase unit is 2. Hop – Up Brackets The rules for hop – up brackets, are the same as for straight runs.