Hello everyone! I am generally very proficient in Solidworks and have little trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I need done, but this has. COSMOSWorks Professional. Finite Element Analysis with COSMOSWorks Paul M. Kurowski Ph.D., SDC. Schroff Development Corporation. SDC Publications: Online Resources for Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks ().

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All times are GMT. With offices in Colorado and Michigan, he can be cosmosworkz at Designing occupant friendly interiors that meet requirements in cosomsworks safety and style, necessitates the extensive Until now, determining the results of such accidents required running physicaltests that destroyed the structures under study, or else performing very difficultnonlinear and dynamic response FEA finite element analysis better suited tosimulating car crashes.

It’s refreshing to review a product that has no pretense of being something “entirely new and Jeffrey Rowe is an independent mechanical design and technical communications consultant. Solid Works vs Creo The goal is to model the old, unreliable shaft as well as the new design which ccosmosworks not break and find a reliable stress plot which indicates the location of the break.

Do you use social media — such as Facebook or Twitter updates, YouTube videos, or discussion forums — for work-related purposes? Users can define material properties, loads, and restraints in any order, but they all must be defined before running a study.

Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks ()

For example, a paper clip will lose its shape whenbent beyond a certain point. Linearproblems that have slowly varying loads with no dynamic component are more cost-effectiveor faster to solve with implicit methods. Define study parameters for their impact on a design. The speed gained through technology and through ease of use makes it simple forusers to run drop tests on their designs, and adds a welcome dimension to overallupfront simulation.


The default angle of theflooror other surface onto which the object drops is normal to gravity. I understand that there are many things to consider aside from static loading but I want to nail this technique down before moving on to fatigue and vibrations.

The default angle of the surface can be changed,and surface materials can be specified. Users can, however, evaluate the results to assess the possibility of those events occurring. For example, they can compare the maximum stresses with allowable values for predicting material failure.

COSMOSWorks 2005

The initial release of drop test capabilities in COSMOSWorks does not supportinteractions or contact between components within an assembly after impact, orimpact between cksmosworks objects.

Please send any technical comments or questions to our webmaster. To get the most out of the simulation, some questions should be addressed beforerunning the analysis:.

In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Tips.

I think my problem occurs when I try to apply a restraint.

Can you upload a pic of the results and a pic of the cosmoswoks for comparison? When the object under study hits the floor, a stress wave originates from thepoint of impact and travels through the length of the object and then travelsback, an effect similar to the ripples when a stone hits water.


Define the analysis type and options. Define as many as what-if design scenarios. The simulation needs to be run 2050 a considerably longer time to study secondaryimpacts.

Because each simulation can have tens ofthousands of time steps, it makes sense only to save the important ones ratherthan wasting computer resources on the entire series see Figure 7.

Of the various types of analysis that COSMOSWorks performs, I found the most interesting one to be the new drop test figure 1especially for an analysis product in this price range.

Setting up a drop test study involves defining the drop height, the acceleration of gravity, and the orientation of the impact plane. I am generally very proficient in Solidworks and have little trouble figuring out how to accomplish what I need done, but this has me stumped!

Discrete element method simulation software enhances particle collision analysis, spring and damper motion, fiber modeling Mesh the model divide it into small elements for analysis. The drop tests discussed here can account for suchmaterial behavior coupled with impact analysis.

CosmosWorks Shaft Analysis

All exclusively from Cadalyst! Figures 9 and There is a bearing surface on the first cylindrical surface blue as you move away from the center of the shaft. Is there a way to create a restraint comosworks CW that will allow the entire shaft to bend as it would in real life?