It has been suggested that this article be merged with Banu Umayya. (Discuss) Proposed since December The Umayyad dynasty was the first hereditary dynasty in the history of Islam, and the only one to rule over the entire Islamic world of its time. The family took its name from Umayya ibn Abd Shams. After a brief golden era, the Caliphate of Córdoba disintegrated into several. This is a list of people who have held the title of Caliph, the supreme religious and political Banu Adi. 3, Rashidun Caliph Uthman ibn Affan – عثمان بن عفان ثالث الخلفاء “Sufyanids”) to those of Hakam (the “Marwanids”), both of whom were grandsons of Umayya (for whom the Umayyad dynasty is named). This volume covers the Caliphate of Bani Umayyah starting from the rule of Mu’ awiyah bin Abi Sufyan in the 41st year of Hijrah up to the rule of Caliph Marwan.

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It was said that they had struggled in the womb, each seeking to be firstborn.

There were numerous rebellions against the Umayyads, as well as splits within the Umayyad ranks notably, the rivalry between Yaman and Qays. The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Qur’an.

However, since Uthman never named an heir, he cannot be considered umayyha founder of a dynasty.

Umayyad family tree – Wikipedia

These troops became crucial in the suppression of a revolt led by an Iraqi general, Ibn al-Ash’athin the early eighth century. From the Origins to A. Archived from the original on 21 May Hagar Farag marked it as to-read Nov 16, Marwan also faced significant opposition from Kharijites in Iraq and Iran, umayywh put forth first Dahhak ibn Qays and then Abu Dulaf as rival caliphs.


The Umayyad cavalry used plain and round saddles. Az-ZahirAbbasid Caliph. Abu Sufyan sought to exterminate the adherents of the new religion by waging another battle against the Medina-based Muslims only a year after the Battle of Badr. Lyba marked it as to-read Jun 23, Umayya ibn Abd Shams and Abdul Muttalib.

The umahyah established dynastic, hereditary rule with Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyanlong-time governor of Syriawho became uumayyah fifth Caliph after the end of the First Muslim Civil War in Muttalib ibn Abd Manaf.

Protectorate — Not universally accepted; actual authority confined to Spain and parts of Maghreb [47] [48].

Want to Read saving…. The Umayyad Caliphate at its greatest extent in AD.

When Abbasids declared amnesty for members of the Umayyad family, eighty gathered to receive pardons, and all were massacred. Arabian Peninsula Imammate of Oman. The deposed king fled to Kucha seat of Anxi Protectorateand sought Umayysh intervention. Retrieved 19 May Al-Hakam ibn Abi al-‘As. Retrieved from ” https: Emirate Elevated Proclaimed as Caliphate. The Principles Of Leadership.

Although the Umayyad family originally came from the city of Mecca, their capital was Damascus. Al-MustanjidAbbasid Caliph.

Umayyad Caliphate – Wikipedia

Islamic State strengthens ties with Boko Haram”. The Umayyads meddled with the register and the recipients regarded pensions as the subsistence allowance even without being in active service. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The resulting conflict, which lasted from untilis known as the First Fitna “civil war”. Al-MuqtafiAbbasid Caliph Thawus. Ayesha marked it as to-read Nov 06, His marriage to Maysum was politically motivated. The first four caliphs created a stable administration for the empire, following the practices and administrative institutions of the Byzantine Empire which had ruled the same region previously.

From this time on the headquarters remained in Rabwaha town built on land bought in Pakistan by the community in Retrieved 16 March The Forty Hadiths of An Nawai.

Umayyad dynasty

InMuawiyah was appointed as the governor of Syria by the second caliph Umar after his brother the previous governor Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan and the governor before him Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah died in a plague along with 25, other people. Mansour marked it as to-read Jan 25, Muawiyah marched to Kufa, where he persuaded a number of Ali’s supporters to acclaim him as umaytah instead of Ali’s son, Hasan.

To assist the Caliph in administration there were six “boards”: Muamar Alhajj marked it as to-read Mar 04, Converts and ‘People of the Book ‘ “.