Save this Book to Read bosch mono motronic fuel injection manual PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get bosch mono motronic fuel injection. Bosch Mono-motronic Manual person bosch motronic fuel injection manual me7 might have many name. BOSCH MONO MOTRONIC FUEL. A step by step guide to help you improve the performance of your monomotronic engine without cost.

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It features a Lambda Probe aggregated to the injection system, installed in the exhaust pipe. Retrieved from ” https: Change settings Yes, I agree. The ignition system provides the controller the signal of the engine speed. Updated variants ML 2.

Motronic – Wikipedia

Privacy settings allow you to enable or disable cookies. The Motronic units have 2 injection outputs, and the injectors are arranged in 2 “banks” which fire once every two engine revolutions. However, if the engine is turbochargedan additional charge air temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the inducted air after it has passed through the turbocharger and intercoolerin order to accurately and dynamically calculate the overall air mass.

Bosch offer Motronic M3 and Mono-Motronic versions. A single injector injects fuel intermittently into the throttle body. Injector Automobile Previous post: The features of Motronic and Mono Motronic systems are similar, differing in the amount of fuel injection valves.

Some PSA engines also include a knock sensor for ignition timing adjustment, [4] perhaps this was achieved using an external Knock Control Regulator. Content 2 Mono Motronic Mono Motronic. In an example 4-cylinder engine, one output controls the injectors for cylinders 1 and 3, and the other controls 2 and 4.


If you consent to this use of cookies please click “Yes, I agree”. It differentiates from the LE-Jetronic for having, in addition to the injection system, also the ignition system incorporated in the command unit. Change settings Yes, I agree. Best Brand Wipers App. There is a single output for the injectors, resulting in all injectors firing simultaneously. Trade fairs and events Contact.

Bosch Mono-Motronic

Back to the top. The thermo-actuator regulates the position of the throttle stop in the open loop idle speed control. It was originally developed and first used in the BMW 7 Series[1] before being implemented mlno several Volvo [2] and Porsche [3] engines throughout the s.

Throttle Body Injection Automobile.

This version of the system was integrated with body control module and anti-theft system. Necessary cookies These cookies are necessary for the website.

By using this boch, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fuel enrichment during cold-start is achieved by altering the timing of the main injectors based on engine temperature. The spray characteristics are optimised by a combination of baffle and swirl effects. The throttle body integrates other components that in the Motronic system are scattered around the engine, like Mktronic actuator and butterfly potentiometer, among other.

Volvo Cars of North America. The injection pulses are timed relative to signals from the ignition system. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on “change settings”.


Throttle Body Injection (Automobile)

It has adaptation memory of and malfunction lamp. Fuel enrichment during cold-start is achieved by altering the timing of the main injectors based on engine temperature, no “cold start” injector is required.

In Bosch had already produced five times as many high pressure injection valves and pumps as in This variant of the engine management system was adapted for off-road use. This valve is mounted on the throttle body part like a carburetor. The Mono-Jetronic and Motronic injection systems have many features similar to those of the Bosch L-variants, but are quite different from them.

Features included OBD I diagnostics, dual knock sensors and a lot more. Change settings Yes, I agree. Was used from at Opel C20XE engine. The exceptionally fast switching high-pressure injection valves with piezo technology, the development of which won the German Future Prize. These cookies improve the quality of the statistic data that is used to further improve the website. Bosch Digifant engine management system Jetronic Motronic. Was also used in the Opel engine X22XE.

Imprint Legal Privacy Bosch. This feedback system allows the system analyse exhaust emissions so that fuel and spark can be continually optimised to minimise emissions. After the refresh a cookie management dialog will be shown.