May 15, Your Blade mSR BNF comes from the factory completely assembled and flight tested. It includes 2 electronic installation and setup while providing heading lock-like gyro performance .. Spektrum DX7/DX7se. JR X programming values are shown below for the Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX6, DX7, DX8, the Blade mSR S DXe model setup available at Sep 25, A short course – How to Bind and Trim Your mSR Heli. The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC.

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Hope this helps you guys. My most popular eBook!

Blade mSR DX7 settings – RC Groups

I think it is one servo. I’m just getting into electric micro helis bypassing the mCX, too simple and your guide has been really useful and informative for me. But everything for the beginner is there in your manual. Originally Posted by RocketSled. The first was a cheap Chinese coax that I couldn’t get to do anything, I then purchased a Blade cx Scout which I still enjoy.

With your tips, I’ve got my mSR “locked-in” with stock parts and thus considerable cost and weight savings. It is opposite from Futaba. Does it have an effect on something else? In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. You are going to have a lot of fun with this one! Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. This is especially useful for practicing nose in hovering where your cyclic controls are reversed.


As you mentioned in the book, your viewers had a big part in the many topics that were addressed and I was happy to be one of them. It is a hot rod for sure, but actually the flight characteristics make it pretty easy for most people to learn to fly in short order. I find setting throttle curve for 0, 25, 50, 55, 60 works for indoors well.

I still am digesting all the information and can’t wait to apply it, especially the fly bar modification. The little sucker is my first and it flies really well. Well I got mine today. Light rain and it flew fantastic over puddles You can also add in -expo on the tail for more sensitivity around the center points of the gimbal.

Apr 19, I need to do thatevery thing else seems good. On the Servo monitor screen I noticed the pitch servo moving with the left up stick but that should be not problem, right.

Blade mSR/mSR X Helicopter – Standard & Beginner Transmitter Settings

Cant you enable dual rates,like the stock Tx, using channel 5 somehow I fly my helis with Futaba Faast gear but bought a DX-7 yesterday just for this little heli and any other BnF things I might want I dont have a clue how to setup anything on it yet.

Click Here For More Information. By the way, this method will work on any type of high lift plastic rotor blade.


The result is an uncontrollable heli since a separated swash has the same effect as a backward and right cyclic command, the more it is separated, the more severe the effect.

Originally Posted by Kevhed Perhaps even better than a good simulator since you are actually flying something real and the “fear or stress factor” zettings somewhat duplicated while the “fun factor” is maintained.

They use the ACRO mode. I have also played with the throttle curve and tuned this to where the MSR will keep good straight and level flight around mid stick. Had vx7 figure out the source of the problems from googling around the web. Send a private message to neilg. Originally Posted by Phil H. Both these birds will teach you as much about yourself as they will about RC helicopters — perhaps more.

It is seperating the aileron, elevator, and pitch signals and not mixing them. All bldae said; here is a simple modification I have experimented with to my flybar on my mSR.

Give glade a shot. Same here with the drift You didn’t miss anything in my opinion, in fact you covered way more then I was expecting. My mSR is now flying like new again. Send a private message to Ddaddy.