Q: Why is “Strange Apparitions” the best Batman run? – @IanGonzales. A: See what I mean about these questions that include their own. Batman has ratings and 44 reviews. Lᴀʏᴀ said: First off, I would like to state that I’m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel. On one hand. For a full discussion of Hugo Strange’s convoluted history in the comic books, Pre -Crisis and Post-Crisis, you should examine “Timeline: The.

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Sign In Appariitons have an account? If ever there was a quintessential Batman story, this is it, perfectly capturing an aspect of the character which most creators since Frank Miller have failed to grasp.

Man, the guy dies, and no one notices! And The Killing Fish is easily apparent as the inspiration for the chemicals plot in the Burton Batman movie. Or was his subconscious admiration for Batman just too great? As previously stated, this beloved classic is bizarrely out of print.

“Strange Apparitions”: Hugo Strange returns from the dead, goes back, then kinda returns again (?)

I’d say that’s silly, but Hugo is so gloriously old-school arch-villain that I can accept it. This collection of Steve Engelhart’s brief run on the character is top-notch, representing what I think of as “classic” Batman.

Ask Chris art by Erica Henderson. Does anybody have any knowledge about the reasons for this?

Batman: Strange Apparitions | DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection | Volume 42

And yes, Bruce Wayne has a significant role, but even in the ’70s it’s clear that Bruce Wayne is the mask Batman wears. Atrange did Hugo have to gain by helping Batman defeat the Joker? This was an unheard of development for the Dark Knight.

This collection written in the seventies is very much a throwback to the Golden Age Batman comics of the forties, not only in the resurrection of long-forgotten Golden Age characters, but also in overall style and tone He’s genuinely absurd, and genuinely terrifying.


It’s that lightning-in-a-bottle creative spark between baatman two batmman that really makes “Strange Apparitions” what it is, but there’s a little more to it than that, and it all comes down to how Englehart and Rogers approached Batman with the idea of going back to his roots. He did, but he also wrote a solo Batman series immediately dubbed dtrange “definitive” version that later became Warner Brothers’ first Batman film the good one.

Artwise, much I first heard of Steve Englehart’s acclaimed Batman run long before I ever read it – and having just reread it for the first time in a dozen years, I can once again see why. However, I think I’m going to be less generous with my rating and base it on my own personal preferences. The art is gorgeous as well. Gotham City United States. They don’t try to be edgy or shocking.

He haunts Boss Thorne all through the book and even helps the Batman out a time or two. Oct 03, Michael Poteet rated it really liked it. A new villain appears in Gotham CityDoctor Phosphoruswho terrorizes the town by contaminating the water sttrange.

It earns attention the old-fashioned way wpparitions with strong storytelling skills, great characters, and inventive strang. Only too late does Hugo himself come to this realization: Batman is treated as a “grown-up” with a relationship with Silver St.

Ask Chris #277: Where Does ‘Strange Apparitions’ Sit In The Batman Canon?

If you’d like to read all of Strange Apparitions yourself, I wish you appartiions best of luck. But things turn ugly fast as the mayor shows his violent nature to a shocked Strange — why pay for something you can attain through torture?

I just wish I could read what happened next. We’re introduced to the beautiful Silver St. BatmanModern Batman 34Detective Comicsmore. And the shock of seeing emotional vulnerability from Bruce Wayne isn’t ridiculous, but rather incredibly spparitions in its incongruity. But my favorite aspect of Strange Apparitions has to be the character subplot concerning Silver St.


Batman: Strange Apparitions Review – IGN

Mar 19, Alan rated it really liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book. Mar 23, Greg Trosclair rated it it was amazing. See what I mean about these questions that include their own answers right there in the premise? Marvel Marvel Movie Collection. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, however, because there are a few major criticisms that I have for New 52 about some of its long-game decisions, especially when it comes to their treatment of Batman villains and tropes.

Dialogue between Hugo and Batman explicitly referenced the events of “Prey” as being the last time Hugo had been reported as doing anything at all in Gotham City. This was the Batman run that introduced me to the modern Batman. Product Review Please select your star rating and leave a review. Later, amid the return of Deadshot in the story which gave him the costume he still wears to this very dayBatman decides to pay Thorne a personal visit: Gotham’s corruption is prohibitive.

To ask other readers questions about Batmanplease sign up. Cloud to an end. The Animated Series which I am both a big fan of, most particularly of the latter. Englehart’s first two issues were drawn by Walt Simonson not exactly a slouch in the art departmentand Rogers stuck around for a few issues after Englehart was gone. I did not collect the books at the time and I wish I had.