Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolom√© de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Their food is nothing but fish, and the very same that contains the Pearl, with a small portion of that bread which that Country affords; in the first whereof there is little nourishment; and as for the latter, it is made with great difficulty, besides that they have not enough of that neither for sustenance; they lye upon the ground in setters, left they should run away; and many times they are drown’d in this labor, and are never seen again till they swim upon the top of the waves: They sent therefore to the supreme Lord of the City, as also to all the other Lords and Governors, that they should give them a meeting, but they were no sooner come to parley, but they were all immediately laid hold on, leaving none to carry back these bad tidings to the rest; first they demanded of them six thousand Indians, to carry the Luggage which they had with them, which when they were brought together they shut up in their houses.

Jago, let us rush in upon them. In these eleven years there perished in this Country above two millions, scarce two thousand now remaining, who daily diminish through the hardness of their servitude.

In a word, their covetousness, their ambition, which could not be more in any people under heaven, the riches of the Country, and the patience of the people gave occasion to this their devilish barbarism. But here passing by many things which might be said; I will relate one thing worthy observation.

Las Casas, “Destruction of the Indies”

As for those that came out of Spain, boasting themselves to be Christians, they took two several ways to extirpate this National from the face of the Earth, the first whereof was a bloody, unjust, and cruel war which they made upon them: But the main care was to send the men to work in the Gold Mines, which is an intolerable labor, and to send the women to manure and till the ground; an exercise fit only for the stoutest men.

They by many degrees crueler then the rest of whom we have spoken shewed themselves more fierce and greedy then Tigers, Wolves or Lyons; for having a jurisdiction over the Land, and therefore possessing it more freely, they bestirred themselves with greater fury and covetousness in the heaping up of Gold and Silver, then any of their Predecessors had done before them; laying aside all fear of God, or of the King, and forgetting all humanity.

Francis, who began to talk to him of God and of the Articles of our Faith, telling him, that the small respire which the Executioner gave him was sufficient for him to make sure his salvation if he believed. The Indians perceiving that with all their humility, their patience, and their presents, that they were not able to assuage the fury of these inhumane creatures, and that they were daily killed up like dogs, began to think of taking arms; for they thought it better, since an evil death could not be avoided, rather to die fighting and taking revenge upon their enemies, then to be killed like beasts by them.


On how many children did he deprive of their parents, how many men of their wives, how many wives did he make widows, how many widows did they vitiate, how many married women adulterate, how many virgins did they ravish, how many did they enslave, how many did he cause to languish in calamity, how many tears, how many sighs did he provoke, upon how many did he bring desolation in his worldly pilgrimage, and endanger their damnation in the world to come?

This infinite multitude of people was so created by God, as that they were without fraud, without subtlety or malice, to their natural Governors most faithful and obedient. And when certain of the Indians, who escaped this furious massacre fled into an Island distant from them about some eight miles, they were by the Governor condemned to perpetual servitude.

Nor will these poor creatures doubtless ever forget as long as the world stands, to lament and bewail in their solemnities the sad calamity and ruin of the whole seminary of their Nobility, of which they were wont of much to boast. They erected certain Gallowses, that were broad but so low, that the tormented creatures might touch the ground with their feet, upon every one of which they would hang thirteen persons, blasphemously affirming that they did it in honor of our Redeemer and his Apostles, and then putting fire under them, they burnt the poor wretches alive.

At length when they were about to go away, as a recompense for all their courteous entertainment, they resolv’d to leave them after this manner. Dominick consulted about sending some of their Order to this Island, to spread the light of the Gospel among the Indians, for the salvation of their souls; Whereupon they sent a Licentiate, famous for his sanctity with a lay man, to accompany him, to visit the Country, converse with the Inhabitants, and to seek out fit places for the building of Monasteries.

Consider by this what was the progress of Religion; and what examples of Christianity the Spaniards did shew, when they came into America, how they honor’d God themselves, or how much they car’d that the Indians should know the right worship of him; Judge which is the greater crime, that of Jeroboam who made Israel to sin, causing two golden Calves to bet set up, and to be worshipt by the people, or of the Spaniards, who caused the Indians to buy their Idols, and made merchandize of them.

And in this manner a Country abounding with Gold and people was totally destroy’d; in which there was a Valley forty miles long, where they burnt a Village that contained above a thousand houses.

One day when they came forth to meet the Spaniards, the German Tyrant and Captain caus’d an infinite number of them to be shut up in a house made up with straw, where he commanded that they should be all cut in pieces. Of the Kingdom of Yucatan In the yeara vile and impious man through his fawning cassas lying, was made Governor of the Kingdom of Yucatan; which was the manner that other tyrants used for the obtaining of their presentments and offices; for by their authority they had greater opportunities to do mischief.

A short account of the destruction of the Indies. John where the bartklome half, and from thence also to the Island of Hispaniola, where they sold the rest.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikisource, the free online library

Notwithstanding something I shall say of every one of them; though I do seriously protest, that I cannot rehearse one thing of a thousand in respect of all that were done. De Las Casas has destduction accused by many scholars [ citation needed ] about making exaggerated claims in terms of the death toll and mistreatment of the indigenous people. Why have you burnt our gods, when as they do bring and fell others among us?


They entered this Region with about For the Spaniards while they were among them did not only entertain them with cruel beating them with their fists, and with their slaves, but presumed also to bartolomd violent hands upon the Rulers and Magistrates of their Cities: He divided and separated families, taking women from their husbands, daughters from their parents, which he gave to the Seamen and Soldiers.

But because it is so irksome to me to rehearse these Bloody acts not of men but of beasts, I will no longer dwell upon them, but go to those things which followed indis.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

Many cruelties, and indeed innumerable which were never xestruction heard of, I doe omit, only I shall add this one. This allowed them to get the gold, jewels, and slaves that they so desired quicker and with greater ease. And a little after he proceeds thus. These ambitious, blind and execrable tyrants going out of this Region to seek more riches, there went with them four Monks of the Order of St.

The next day he called to him the chief Lord with a great number of the Nobles, demanding of them a very great quantity of Gold. All these above mentioned abominations being done, they reduced the rest to a tyrannical subjection, for which cause they thought that they were only sent thither.

Retrieved from ” https: However, the mere injustice that occurred with the lives of xasas people was not enough to spur the nobles in Spain to action. John more then thirty in number, which bartolom totally made desert.

This Furcifur carried himself obscenely toward a deserving religious person, boasting to him, that he had got as many Indians as he could with childe, that they might yield the more profit in the sale of them.

For every foot there came five or six ships which returned full of Indians into the Regions of Panama and Peru, where they were sold, and ended their days in captivity. Why do you keep them so oppressed and weary, not giving them enough to eat nor taking care of them in their illness?

This is also reported that while the Spaniards were busily acting this bloody Tragedy, killing and bartolomf above six thousand innocent creatures, their chief Captain in sport sung these verses: That which led the Spaniards to these unsanctified impieties was the desire of Gold, to make themselves suddenly rich, for the obtaining of dignities and honors which were no way fit for them. However, the Spaniards that were sent did not abide by the rules they were given and killed millions of people for their gold.

And therefore they endured far the greater misery, and persecution, and underwent a more insufferable slavery, being the less able to bear it, by how much they were of a mild and gentle nature.

Coming to the entry of the City, there stood the King himself casss all his attendants, who being carried in a golden Litter accompanied them to the Palace which was prepared for them. Las Casas was one of the first advocates for the desfruction people.