Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD label template, How to print on Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, CD. AudioLabel features an adjustable CD Label Template and DVD Label Avery and compatible (DVD Slim Case – Plain Paper) – DVD Label Template. Download label templates for label printing needs including Avery┬« labels template sizes. Design and make your own labels with these templates. We offer a.

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What version are you using? Just tell me how to edit two different discs at one time like MS does.

Label Types Supported by DiscLabel | Smile

Skip to main content Skip to navigation. I love your tmeplate at the beginning Heck, MS Word and Publisher let me do that, and Acoustica’s dedicated labeling program should be better than them, right?

I’ve wasted a couple of hours on AppleWorks Also, business cards might be a little easier since they are square you can set your document to dpi and make the size 8.

Position your graphics and text on the gray areas.

I went to the Avery site and downloaded templates for and Here’s the text from the Adobe Exchange listing with all 89331 label numbers and what-not: This can be tricky. I asked a question about CD templates or any label template for that matter and this was the reply I received: Hilarious, I made that same hand gesture when I landed on the avery page.


Funniest and most helpful blog entry I have seen for ages. Remember not to overwrite it by renaming it when you add your new design.

I’m going to print up CD labels for my buddies new Album. You can download them directly from me. The problem with Word and Publisher is that the printed page doesn’t align with the label even though the Avery template number is specified. Guess this question can be considered closed. When you are ready to print, clear the background. When you say that what you see on the monitor isn’t the same as what prints, what do you templae, exactly?

The templates show guidelines so you can save time laying out your pages. This is exactly what I needed for Postcards. I opened in photoshop and don’t see any guides.

CD/DVD Label InDesign Template

Unfortunately, isn’t provided as a blank template, but you could change the color fill to white, and add a thin border, to each label and lock them. To clear the background, click the Clear icon big red X [image]local: Thanks for the link. The templates for each zip file above support the following Avery products: As far as I can tell, they are exactly the same except the is shifted closer to the left of the page.


You’re right, you have to have an account to download the file, and it is crap And some other differences. We really need to have. Where are the Avery template choices? Thanks for the post. What a 831 of assholes.

That’s because one disc needs to be labeled Disc 1, the other disc labeled Disc 2. I am not an employee of Encore. Then found the Adobe site, said “fuck that. Would seem I should be able to edit both discs individually. I made this in Print Shop.

Just go to Avery or www. That will cause two discs to print on the same sheet. NET Advanced Edition 2. Thank you very much for this download. Temppate registered users and 1 guest. Thanks for posting this! I went through the same scenario.