Astro-Diagnosis: A Guide to Healing [Max Heindel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Astro-Diagnosis has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. A treatise on medical astrology and diagnosis using the horoscope and the hands. Contents: Foreword; Introd. Astro Diagnosis A Guide To Healing. Published in london , 1st edition, Page Illustrated Hardback, With Ads At Rear. Very Good Condition, With Several .

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Max Heindel

This is intensified when the dynamic Mars, which is the ruler of Aries, is also in Aries on the Ascendant, or when the life-giving sun is there. When the organs of voice or the tonsils are operated upon in childhood there will be disturbances at puberty and later troubles in childbirth. Libra people on this account are not always able to rise above physical conditions. Laugh and joke with him; always leave him with a smile, for cheerfulness is half the cure.

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When the astrodiafnosis is in this watery sign, astroodiagnosis native has more vitality than when it is rising, for the sun is the giver of life and energy. Pleiadian Principles for Living. Let us suppose that Aquarius is on the cusp of the 6th house. But once they have given in to sickness then they are just as slow and stubborn in holding on to it. This book may differ in a few instances from other books which deal with the science of diagnosis from the planets.

Mercury in Aries works under impulse. Facial Paralysis 13D, 13E: Axis Of Interplanetary Vibrations: In the mind of man lies the power which may be used to control disease. Gemini being one of the common signs, a person born with this sign rising is often very careless of his health and habits, and on this account we find more tubercular patients among Gemini people than among people of any one of the other eleven signs.


The human body is a most powerful magnet expressing both the positive and the negative aspects. We therefore first look to the ruler of this house to see what it indicates, in what sign and house it is placed, and what the nature of the sign is and what part of the body is ruled by it.

Time, Heritage and Substance. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Doctors will then arrive very quickly at the cause of disease, and they will also know what methods will be best to effect a cure.

Astro-Diagnosis: A Guide to Healing by Max Heindel

Be the first to heindeel this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The Synastry of Indian Astrology. MERCURY -Nerves, bronchial tubes, pulmonary circulation, thyroid gland, right cerebral hemisphere, cerebro-spinal system, sensory nerves, vital fluid in nerves, vocal cords, ears, sight, tongue, all sense perception, breath.

The result astroodiagnosis that he often retards his recovery. Gloria Mills rated it it was amazing Dec 17, When the thumb is long and well shaped, it is an indication of high ideals and the will to carry them out. Similarly, we may find two sides to each sign.

He should be placed in a very cheerful room, with a cheerful attendant, and a sign on the door, “No sympathetic visitors allowed. The Ascendant as a rule gives us a key to will and to the mentality.

The removal of parts of the sex organs causes change ,ax voice, the male voice becoming feminine, and the female voice masculine. If in good health the lines should be of a soft pin; if the blood is impoverished, the lines are pale and white; if the patient is feverish, the lines are red; if the liver is out of order, they are yellow; and if the heart action is wrong, the color is blue.


The Best Books of They suffer frequently with disturbance of the spleen, which has an effect upon the activities of the blood, causing an excess of white blood corpuscles, which are destroyers and not policemen heinxel the blood stream as medical science claims.

Astro-Diagnosis: A Guide to Healing

If there is a good aspect between the moon and Mercury, especially if these two planets are well placed in the angles and in signs in which they can express their best qualities, we may expect the patient will be able to cooperate with the healer. Arthritic Muscular Atrophy 15C: The four points of the circle of the cardinal or equinoctial signs, namely, Aries the eyes, Libra the kidneys, Cancer the stomach, and Capricorn the knees, are closely in sympathy with one another, and trouble in one will frequently manifest in one of the wstrodiagnosis signs of this circle.

The 6th house, which is correlated to Virgo, and the 12th house, correlated to Pisces, are especially vital in the horoscope, for they are respectively the house of sickness and the house of confinement and hospitals.