Los resultados de incidencia de fracturas en la cohorte FRODOS las fracturas humerales proximales y las fracturas de Colles o de antebrazo distal. . de artículos y también el FRAX® se ha incluido en diferentes guías de. Español (pdf) · Articulo en XML; Referencias del artículo; Como citar este artículo . Utilizamos Láser-terapia local () sobre el foco de fractura, en los . Coincidimos con otros autores en que la fractura de Colles, que se. donde dejó artículos y ocho volúmenes sobre radiodiagnóstico y radioterapia, Fractura de Monteggia: fractura de tercio proximal del cúbito con luxación opuesta al desplazamiento dorsal en la más frecuente fractura de Colles; por.

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Síndrome doloroso regional complejo tipo 1: Tratamiento mediante bloqueos simpáticos y más

Coronal and transaxial CT scanning. J Clin Densitom, 6pp. There are multiple factors that are either directly related with them or indirectly associated. Intra-articular fractures of distal end of the radius can be difficult to treat, at times, with traditional conservative method.

atriculos Open reduction and internal fixation of displaced comminuted intra-articular fractures of the distal end of the radius. Community factors include broken family, nuclear family, poor care at old age, orphanage, population explosion, poor rehabilitation and stress in life.

Conclusion Distal radius fracture is one of the most common fractures. Bone, 26pp. Muscle Nerve ; 22 6: Osteoporos Int, 8pp.


Fractures of Distal Radius: An Overview

Epidemiology of distal articullos fracture and factors predicting risk and prognosis. Rev Cub Anest Rean ; 2 2: Other indications for external fixation include some unstable extra-articular fractures with significant comminution and failure to maintain reduction after an initial attempt at closed management in a cast, certain situations of multiple trauma, presence of dysfunctional contralateral limb, severe open fractures with significant soft tissue injury and neurovascular compromise, and bilateral injuries.

Precise volar plate placement on the metaphyseal area of the distal radius may lessen the problems of flexor tendon irritation and arficulos rupture. In patients with bone consolidation disorders, local laser-therapy was applied. Support Center Support Center.

To study the use of sympathetic blockade associated to other therapies and drugs for the management of CRPS-I. Scales to assess the quality of randomized controlled trials: It stands at the apex of a pyramid and related with tertiary care centers, apex care centers and government statuary bodies.

Osteoporos Int, 14pp. Third and higher steps include different health programs, policies and their acts, health culture acculturation, and implementations of legal practices at community, national and international level.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

The congruity of the distal radius can be assessed and graded according to the congruity of its subchondral line. The various categories are organized in an order of increasing severity of osseous and articular lesions making it useful for broad anatomical categorization of large numbers of fractures for trauma registries articuols though it lacks sufficient focus for use in clinical decision-making.


Imaging techniques for distal radius fractures and related injuries. Physiotherapy after volar plating of wrist fractures is effective using a home exercise program.

A randomised clinical trial of activity-focussed physiotherapy on patients with distal radius fractures. J Clin Densitom ; Evidence for two distinct syndromes of involutional osteoporosis.

Green’s Operative Hand Surgery. Kisner C, Colby LA. Limited open reduction In intra-articular fractures that have more than 2 mm of displacement, the radio-carpal joint may be incongruent despite adequate attempts at reduction.

Consequently, an early and multi-factorial treatment aimed to physiopathological mechanisms is important. Footnotes Source of Support: Evidence suggests that supervised therapeutic interventions that include physical and exercise modalities lasting between 6 and 9 weeks, with an average of 18 sessions and three times a week, significantly improve the variables studied in patients with DRF.

Revista Trauma – Volumen 24, número 3

Scopus Scopus is a bibliographic database coolles summaries and references concerning articles from scientific journals. The use of an external fixation device is the only practical means of overcoming the force of the muscles of the forearm that pull comminuted distal radial fractures into a collapsed position.

Cir Ciruj ;