Heliogabalo O El Anarquista Coronado (Spanish Edition) [Antonin Artaud] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elagabalus also known as Heliogabalus was Roman emperor from to A member of .. Antonin Artaud Heliogabalus (–11), by Anselm Kiefer The Spanish word heliogábalo means “a person overwhelmed by gluttony”. Buy Heliogabalo O El Anarquista Coronado by Antonin Artaud (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Elagabalus Severan dynasty Born: It helps to know something of the Anatolian cult of self-castration and of Cybele but you can look that up in Wikipedia. Feb 21, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing.

Artaud makes the argument that his corruption and excess were so extensive and pure that in themselves they constituted a work of art transposed into the real world. Macrinus and his son, weakened by the desertion of the Second Legion due to bribes and promises circulated by Julia Maesa, were defeated on 8 June at the Battle of Antioch by troops commanded by Gannys.

The source here is historical and Artaud takes great delight in describing the religious rituals and picking apart the life and progeny of Heliogabalus. There were, of course, men who had been specially instructed to play their part.

He had returned to his second wife Severa by the end of the year. Gibbon not only accepted and expressed outrage at the allegations of the ancient historians, but he might have added some details of his own; he is the first historian known to claim that Gannys was a eunuchfor example.

It is an account of sorts of the decadent teenage androgynous Emperor Heliogabalus.

Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud

Bury in introduction to Hayp. Elagabalus married and divorced five women, [47] three of whom are known.


Consul of the Roman Empire with Severus Alexander. Elagabalus and his entourage spent the winter of in Bithynia at Nicomedia[27] where the emperor’s religious beliefs first presented themselves as a problem.

His Roman History spans nearly a millenniumfrom the arrival of Aeneas in Italy until the year Artaud’s narration of the events swallows the empire whole and then deposits it into the basin of our understanding. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


As a token of respect for Roman religion, however, Elagabalus joined either AstarteMinervaUraniaor some combination of the three to Elagabal as consort. Due to the ancient tradition about him, Elagabalus became something of an anti- hero in the Decadent movement of the late 19th century.

Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association. The Man Suicided By Society,” reading that first sentence several times, trying to parse it while simultaneously savoring its rotting beauty. Elagabalus, barely 15 years old, became emperor, initiating a reign remembered mainly for sex scandals and religious controversy.

History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity, Following the failure of various attempts on Alexander’s life, Elagabalus stripped his cousin of his titles, revoked his consulship, and invented the rumor that Alexander was near death, in order to see how the Praetorians would react.

He declared himself a living god-emperor, and through marriage to Bene Gesserat Livia produced several generations of active-trait males.

Revue de l’Histoire des Religions. Jun 07, Tim Pendry rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s hard for me not to ramble over the thing, as I always find his way of seeing so interesting, even when I antnoin entirely agree with it.

Elagabalus – Wikipedia

He achieved in himself the identity of opposites, but did not natonin it without harm, and his devout pederasty had helioogabalo origin other than an obstinate and abstract conflict between Masculine and Feminine. Want to Read saving…. To confound the order of the season and climate, to sport with the passions and prejudices of his subjects, and to subvert every law of nature and decency, were in the number of his most delicious amusements.


He aroused further discontent when he married the Vestal Virgin Aquilia Severaclaiming the marriage would produce “godlike children”.

Historians have not only kept the tradition alive, but often embellished it, reflecting their own bias against effeminacyreligious zealotry, and other traits with which Elagabalus is commonly identified. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist

Through these sewers, coiling into broiling corkscrews whose circles diminish the further they descend to the depths of the earth, the blood of those sacrificed according to the needful rites will find its way back to the geological seams, the congealed cracks of chaos.

Images [ edit ] Wildwinds coin archive: So we’ll say 3. Nefeli rated it really liked it Nov 09, Caracalla and Geta Mucha Chita rated it really liked it Oct 05, Reissued as The Crimes of Elagabalus: By Elagabalus’ helkogabalo, particularly his relationship with Hierocles, [38] increasingly provoked the soldiers of the Praetorian Guard.

His mother publicly declared that he was the illegitimate son of Caracalla, and therefore deserving the loyalty of Roman soldiers and senators who had sworn allegiance to Caracalla.