Welcome to Alfred Slote’s official website! Here he’s republishing his out-of-print children’s books, like ‘Jake,’ ‘Hang Tough, Paul Mather,’ and ‘My Robot Buddy’. Jake has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Maurice said: This was one of the few children’s sports books featuring an African-American lead character, and it did. Radio adaptationsalfred hitchcock a bottle alfred slote jake summary of winePhoto & Video. My alfred slote jake summary notesReferences.

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The plate ump was about fifteen and he was calling us kids. He never gets mad, never gets happy. The skull tag and the crazy catch had done it.

Hake name is Jake Wrather, which doesn’t mean much to you, and it doesn’t mean much to me either. Rachel marked it as to-read Nov 06, She just turned the pages of her newspaper. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jerry glared at Jeff Bigler. Jun 26, Maurice Jr. League rules say you can play with eight guys but not with seven.


He was the most couragerous kid I knew. In Slote and his baseball book Jake were the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 short documentary in which Slote describes his writing process and reads from the book, saying it is his best writing. His writing has been described as “making space travel seem as ordinary as piling in the family wagon for a jaunt to McDonald’s”.

Even silent old Andy in right field got into the act: Jake, directed by Jon Hock. It was a dumb thing. Chris McKinley added it Mar 28, Truth was, it did get dark early at West Park, and there were no lights here. He came in headfirst which was too bad for him because I slammed the ball socko onto his head and Tim never even reached the bag.


I never knew my father who gave me my last name, and my mother left two years ago to visit down south and never came back.

September 11, Popular Writer of Books for Children”.

JAKE by Alfred Slote | Kirkus Reviews

Zoltan marked it as to-read May 24, I eat at his house a lot. Fulton is a darn good cook. You play hard-nosed and you beat the guys. Jake is a tough, scrappy boy being raised by his Uncle Lenny.

Alfred Slote

Maybe a little humor would loosen Jerry up. But the ump shook his head. Dick Williams, our center fielder, had a better arm, and Jerry Jones, our ace pitcher, was better all around than me.

L ast year in the Arborville ten-year-old league we beat the McLeod Builders without much trouble. It led me to some other very good books he wrote. They were very silent. The relatives in the stands started shouting too, that we were stalling.

But Jerry reared back and poured the smoker three times right across the plate, and after the third pitch John Fulton flipped the ball up to McLeod and said: McLeod, who was crossing the diamond, thought I was sassing him again. Somehow, Jake has remained out of print for 31 years.

Alfred Slote – Wikipedia

I never knew what possessed him to suddenly crank out a barrage of sports books over the next seven years: We were loose now. You manhandle the team you can manhandle. Silvia added it Jul 27, Once aalfred a time, I loved Alfred Slote so much that every bookstore trip unfolded the same way.


His writing has been described as “making space travel seem as ordinary as piling in the family wagon for a jaunt to McDonald’s”. Would you like to stay skote supper? It was either break up the team or get Mrs.

So we know each other fairly well. Danny Kohl, our shortstop, could outfield me, Andy Black our right fielder could outhit me.

His hands were balled into fists. I got an Al Kaline glove and nobody gave me that, or my bat either. Fulton was reading her alffred and there were about twenty adults in the stands behind home algred, all parents of the Builders. Mark Heringer added it May 29, Was he going to hit me? I turned to see where it had gone. Mather was a Little League star jale leukemia and hoping to stay healthy enough to pitch in the playoffs.

Nobody tells me when to go to bed, what to eat. I clicked on the link. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.