Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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Ordinarily, this is not a problem and you can set up a multi very easily without even having to think about program numbers. The type of sounds created here can be long evolving sounds which may find a place in soundtrack work as they can be very dramatic.

Refer to the ME35T manual for operational details. Pressing it again will reverse the sample back to its original form. Deleting samples and programs Is ultimately destructive. The following explanations, therefore, refer to this method of operation should you wish to work in this way or if you have existing sound library that uses this method. When you have altered the number, you have several options to choose from on soft keys 12 and 3.

If you hear a sound, then at least your audio connections are o. Playing within those velocity ranges will play each sample accordingly allowing you to emulate the many tones available from just one note of a real bass guitar. The way the multi works means that once you have set the parameters for any of the parts, they remain constant regardless of which sound you place in them and you do not have to keep resetting them manually all the time.

This may be for a four way velocity switch or for velocity switching between two stereo samples or for layering four samples together. This can be used to great effect on acoustic instruments especially those that have been looped with velocity and envelope shaping to restore the natural harmonic dynamics and movement to the sound.


Optional 4-channel multi-effects processor offering two channels of simultaneous distortion, three-band EQ, ring modulation, modulation chorus, phase shift, flanging, pitch shift, autopan or rotary speakerstereo delay and reverb plus two ‘spare’ channels of reverb four reverb processors in total.

Please refer to the main SXL. Loading A Song The ability to reset the playback parameters of a sample allows you a lot of flexibility – the same sample can be used in different ways in different programs. Deleting samples and programs is ultimately destructive.

With 2nd filter bank installed, a further set of multi-mode filters and a third multi-stage envelope generator are added. This will load the selected multi and any programs associated with it plus the samples used in those programs.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

The control inputs at any destination are not keygroup specific but s3000xl all keygroups the same. Multi-timbral setups are more easily created in the new MULTI mode but, if you want to use old method, read on.

Setting Lfo1 Modulation Depth Many synthesisers have had such facilities before but it is uncommon on samplers and APM turns the SXL into a powerful synthesiser as well as offering a great deal of flexibility in the manipulation of acoustic samples. I off I The parameters are as follows: This shows the sample s currently assigned to the zone s.

The defaults for these three control inputs are: This is done by pressing F8. The reason for this will normally be that the G2 sample is transposed up by four semitones at B2 and so sounds a little brighter whilst the 03 sample is being played 7 semitones down so it may sound a little duller and so, next to each other, especially when playing a scale, the crossover point is not even.

The main LOAD page looks something like this: Stereo Pitch Shift Effects What Is Sampling In a complex program, you may select ALL to do all the basic work and then switch to ONE to individually fine tune the keygroups. ED page will cause them to input a numeric value. These are selected in the MIDI mode. Because only one MULTI can exist in memory at any one time, you cannot copy the multi file, only rename it. Page This indicates that the Msnual is recording digitally.


Unlike LF01, its default is 99 so you will instantly hear the effect of LF02’s modulation as soon as you apply it at any destination. On the SXL, you do not have this limitation.

Studio Manuals – Akai

You will hear the oh so impressive test tone! For example, if you renumbered program 4 to 10, all subsequent programs i.

All other programs will be alai. Let’s now have a look at the filter’s parameters. It is most likely that the SXL will be at one end of the chain and so must be left terminated. Here, samples are made and edited, placed into programs which can be played singly if you wish and these programs can be placed into a multi where several programs my be played together. You may also set the parameters for the sostenuto pedal.

You will find it useful too, when playing akwi of any kind. Page 85 This sets the delay between a note-on occurring and mankal effect being introduced.

It can be inverted at the modulation input stages of each destination to give downward sweeps.

Pressing will load the chosen file s into memory without deleting anything first. The final parameter, filter close: Here, nanual the first time, we catch a glimpse of the zones mentioned at the start of this section. If OFF is selected, then this control has no effect.

Formatting A Hard Disk ByNojus Mon Jan 07, 9: With lower values set here, it will not make so many examinations of the sound.