Answer, ✴ Summary of “Photograph” by “Shirley Toulson”!! The poem ” Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is. A Photograph by Shirley Toulson This is a poem of remembrance with a rather sad tone. It brings into focus the unstoppable changes ‘time’. Used in Class Mount Carmel School,AN, New Delhi by darKRomeo.

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Secondary School English 13 points.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson –

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson. Ask for details Follow Report by Shristimishra Log w to add a comment. The poem “Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is sad over the sudden demise of his mother.

A Photograph by Shirley Toulson | Impact Writing

The poet sees photograph of his mother in the cardboard which had aa taken by his mother’s uncle during the holidays in the beach. This photograph had been taken when poet’s mother was only twelve years old by the seashore. In the photograph, the mother is standing on her both sides. They all have joined their hands to one another.


The face of the mother was appearing very innocent and cute.

It was full of rapture and glour. The mother was the eldest one and her cousins were younger than her.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson

They had gone to enjoy their holidays on the beach in guiant dresses. All of them were radiant and full of hopes. Whenever mother used to see at the photographshe remembered her innocent childhood fuIl of ecstasy.

And she used to laugh watching this snapshot. The mother died twelve years phoograph and the laughter of mother has became past memories to the poet.

The poet accepts in that natural phenomenon like ocean and mountains do not change. The ocean is same even now as it was in the photograph, but human beings are mortalsthey cannot exist unchangable as sea and ocean.

The poet is full of agony due to sudden death of his mother!! Not sure about the answer?


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