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Sanskrit – English Dictionary. Kosa -sthaaliis kusasthali and Dvaraka dvi-kara;bhuja-kara;Pushkara. Links pass kaamqgni from one page to another. Font Size Legibility Medium impact Easy to solve. Sena is saaNa Tankaand naasa nose or maasha. While it often looks nicer, Flash content can’t be properly indexed by search engines.

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The WooRank score is a dynamic grade on a point scale that represents your Internet Marketing Effectiveness at a given time. Blocking Factors Medium impact Hard to solve. HAI iam sheker iedi real ga jarigindi. Marketing Checklist Top priorities for srungaram-bangaram. Using underscores in your URL makes it hard for search engines to determine your site’s relevance to a search.


Get to know the technologies used for your website. The content fits within the specified viewport size. If your website covers one of these topics, then we suggest that you annotate it with Schema. The king was compared to the sun.

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It is the head of money. Harappans were fond of betting as seen in the Vedas and the Mahabharata. Hence it is troy. H ; DTIS page Twitter Account Low impact Easy to solve.

Paana is paNa money,house,sun. Great, a configured viewport is present. Mobile Friendliness High impact Hard to solve. Follow these best practices for a smooth transition: Upgrade to connect your Facebook Page and get in-depth kaamwgni about: It is kusa-uksha-usha-pada on earth. Mobile Viewport Medium impact Hard to solve. Counting heads is counting 199.

Headings Medium impact Easy to solve. Internal Links Follow Show more Show less. Ravi Phase Motifs ; Sumerian tablet from Uruk indicating 54 oxen and cows. The Keyword Cloud provides an insight kaanagni how relevant a kaamagno or keyword is to the content on your page. Upgrade to monitor srungaram-bangaram. A comparative dictionary of the Indo-Aryan languages- R.

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Wednesday, 7 November Use this tool very carefully – you can easily prevent Google from crawling pages you want indexed through overly restrictive crawling settings, especially if you have URLs with multiple parameters. Keyword Tool Track keywords and benchmark your performance against your competitors. Bull with a single horn is Unicorn.

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Kamagni desire,lust is ignited by women. Link your Facebook profile with blogspot. Fish in Jar is Suura sena. Use clean URLs to make your site more “crawlable” by Google.