No doubt that they used previous solutions from SIS. Obviously, dual-processing is based on the old principle of master and save processors. Probably, the Volari’s HSR has more than one clipping level. In case of textures 0 and 1 the scores are almost equal. Maybe it could be acceptable in , but not in ! Remember that quality depends on a sample and a card-display “cooperation”. This is NVIDIA’s weak point the indirect register indexing is not that fast and makes the loop speed pretty low in almost all popular algorithms makes it close to the Volari.

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Some light sources made dynamic shadows with a stencil buffer.

Volari is “beyond” any competition again. The synthetic suite from the RightMark 3D currently includes the following tests: That is why the programmers from companies producing cards have to debug such products after such applications are released. If you have any comments, ideas or reports on errors please e-mail to unclesam ixbt.

XGI Dual GPU Benchmarked – Volari Duo V8 Ultra

Note that the fillrate drops with every additional texture used. These facts do not cgi us hope for an acceptable golari in real applications. Even the cheats do not help XGI’s card.

Pixel Filling At first we will measure the maximum pixel fillrate for a different number of textures to find out a real effective number and configuration of pixel pipelines. However, even with this well-known disadvantage XGI can’t beat its competitor. Alexander Medvedev unclesam ixbt. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Besides, Volari has a kind of splash in this case on the scene of average complexity.


The results with texture sampling won’t be shown as Volari’s performance is very low in this case: The disadvantage is a low throughput of the internal bus which transfers data from applications and the slave processor which also constantly reports its results to the master one.

Memory clocked at MHz, core at MHz. Realism of the heroine’s hair is achieved with physical models and anisotropic lighting.

Remember that quality depends on a sample and a card-display “cooperation”. Although it supports only a bit memory bus for each chip, here we have a volqri bus with DDR-II support, which requires a layer design: This is also a single plate.

Have a look at the block diagram of the single V8: OnRealVision Inc. They make gaming products, and it implies that their 3D power must be fully realized in games!

VGA Legacy MKIII – XGI Volari Z7

ATI keeps ahead regarding pixel calculations but not texture sampling. So, the frame buffer doesn’t work that effectively, the configuration of 16×1 yields to its competitors’ 8×1 and 4×2 in most cases. If you want to try the synthetic tests of RightMark 3D or measure performance of your own accelerators please download the latest version of our test available at D3D RightMark Beta 3.


The philosophy of the synthetic benchmarks and their descriptions are given in the NV30 review. If an accelerator supports shaders 1. Without additional cooling the card didn’t heat up greatly. At the same time, the game developers rarely test their products on such cards.

The card consumes around W! They must make them work correctly, eliminate downtime, think about caching, tile technologies of calculation optimization, create drivers and shader compilers which could optimally use all hardware capabilities.

Vo,ari trilinear filtering is not free, the texture units get paired – the speed drops most of all in case of 4 textures. The lake’s surface is formed with pixel shaders 2.

In this case the company launched its product half a year after the company was founded. Pixel Shading Performance of hardware processing of pixel shaders 2.