Let me know if that works for you. Do you have latest BIOS version? Adapter is disabled on boot or after waking up and the wireless LED not lit when connected. I tried reinstalling all suggested software from this forum but nothing work. I set wireless connected automatically in “Manage wireless networks”, however, after starting Windows, I can see the computer is trying to connect for a few seconds, then a red cross go on the top of the wireless tray icon. At 1st this would seem a modem problem yet the connection is fine and other units can connect to it, ie other laptop and tablet. To join the discussion, please login or register.

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So far so staellite but time will tell. To join the discussion, please login or register. No light in wifi led on front, not even whenwifi is working Machine tries to install bluetooth driver,buts hangs on each attampt.

If I reboot modem I can sometimes get it to show up again and then the problem repeats. Toshiba satellite l750 wireless problem I have is rather unusual. I assume that it is as no update is available.

Toshiba Satellite L Wireless problem – Wireless – Networking

I have not been able to download from Toshiba satellite l750 wireless though as I can not find any links. It works now A OK. The version that I have is 2. Reconnect everything toshibq and wifi should now work automatically after sleep hibernate and restart. So I am unsure if it is the latest.


If I make my smart phone android a wifi hotspot I can connect to that and have no dramas whatsoever. Service Plan Part Price. I also did not toshiba satellite l750 wireless the wireless light. Any toshiab would be appreciated. Barcode Printer Why Toshiba? I have no idea whats causing the problem but it does seem the Toshiba laptops have had wireless issues. Checked the BIOS to ensure it is not disabling the adapter. WxHxD x 47 x Slot satellits is free.

Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Unfortunately the Bluetooth drivers will now not load either. Archive View Return to standard view. And if I don’t do the trick to turn off then turn on, the network diagnostic function could never fix the problem.

Note the original battery is warranted for one year from date of purchase. I have now tried just about everything including updating tooshiba the drivers and software; applying patches and hotfixes; toshiba satellite l750 wireless Windows to the “out of box” state etc, etc.


Adapter is disabled on boot or after waking up and the wireless LED not lit when connected. Had the same problem, LS ,no wireless indicator light after windows 10?? Then I read to pull toshiba satellite l750 wireless battery with all power OFF for 2 min Really not sure where to go from here except do a complete re-install of Windows.

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Had the machine for a week, and it will probably be returned to dealer if I can’t fix this. The machine is only a few weeks old and was working ok to start with. I have looked at threads and toshiba satellite l750 wireless find much help.

I had to use fn and f8 to turn on and off. Hi Tony, I have done as toshiba satellite l750 wireless have suggested, but to no avail. I might have a solution to this annoying problem of the wifi hardware not working after sleep. Pre-installed software is excluded from TCL standard limited warranty.