Built-in, bidirectional, publish- and subscribe—based asynchronous replication between solidDB instances with data consistency; supports replication of full databases or replication by tables or columns or rows solidDB High Availability HotStandby: Once the driver is succesfully registered with the driver manager a connection is established by creating a Java Connection object with the following code. It allows a Java programmer to issue SQL statements and process the results. Class DatabaseMetadData contains information about the database behind the connection. Timestamp 96,1,2,11,11,11,0 ; pstmt. See the Readme document for more details. Note that the insert is not committed by the code unless the database is in autocommit mode.

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It helps applications achieve throughput of hundreds of thousands to millions of transactions per second with response times measured in microseconds. High Availability and Load Balancing HotStandby configuration with configurable replication and logging settings Transparent connectivity that allows applications to maintain one logical connection to both primary and HotStandby instances and configurable load-balancing of read operations across primary and HotStandby solidDB instances High-availability controller that monitors health and state of solidDB instances and performs failovers Built-in, dynamically queriable and programmatically configurable high-availability state machine that simplifies integration with third-party high-availability managers.

It is possible to improve the performance of reading large result sets by instructiong SOLID Server to return several rows of the result set in one network message.


Top Contributors Last 30 Days. A DatabaseMetaData object can be obtained from the Connection object by the code below. Date 96,1,2 ; java.

I’m interested in writing some JSP pages to do some basic reporting on the information in the Solid database. How can I do this? SolidDriver The default account is: Connecting to the database Once the driver is succesfully registered with the driver manager a connection is established by creating a Java Connection object with the following code.

Your entry has been submitted. Connections can be closed be the following code. Some pointers in respect to Custom Poller incidents.

The Operation Manager for Windows do not start. In some cases it is necessary for the application to recover from a database error. It was Osliddb intention to make the use of a specific JDBC driver as transparent as possible to the programmer and user. See source code for example application sample1.

Extended ping Dave Young on: My driver settings are below, Driver Settings Name: The connection like the following: As of September 1,the Material is now offered by Micro Focus, a separately owned and operated company.


The following operations are presented here. Embeddable solidDB is designed to be embedded inside a packaged solution transparently from the end user No database administration needed No separate installation and configuration needed Proven track record with hundreds of customers shipping solidDB as part of their solution to millions of end users.

If anyone is interested I would be glad to send ya the code. By using this site, you osliddb the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.


Configure SQuirrel SQL Client to connect to SolidDB database

To import this package a following line is needed in the application program. Procedures are thus used in JDBC in the same way as any statement.

It allows a Java programmer to issue SQL statements and process the results. When not in autocommit mode each transaction needs to be explicitly committed before the modifications it made can be seen to other database connections. The autocommit state can be monitored by Connection. Our team will review your submission! Visit the Customer Technical Support Portal. Following code expects that a Connection object conn is established before calling the code.

The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Micro Focus.

This chapter describes briefly how to do basic database operations with the SQL. Many have argued, though, that a well-written object oriented program should not need to step backwards through a ResultSet, and that doing so may be either inefficient or result in unreliable data results. The parameter required by Class.