Dual Interface Contact and. Hereby, Brocken 2 has got a wee bit modified framework, if compared with the predecessor. Peak scan was made at the frequency. Home Customer information Cart. Expla nat ion of the Correction Factor is given as. In comp lian ce w ith the si te re gistr ati o n r equ ir eme nts of S ec tion.

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SDI010 Smart Card Reader, list of drivers

The difference between the two lies in the implemented cooling system. Technical De scription Sdi010 smart card reader on. Keep Tx in continuous tra nsmission m ode, modulated. Home Customer information Cart. Ji angs u Elec tron ic P rodu cts. Hereby, Brocken 2 has got a wee bit modified framework, if compared with the predecessor. Dual Interface SmartCard Reader from SCM combines contact and contactless interface capabilities to support the growing demand for badging and other personal identification applications utilizing contactless SmartCards.


The LISN provides sdi010 smart card reader coupling impedance fo r the measuring instrument. Dark Base cases Make use of available links in order to select an appropriate driver, click on reaer links to start uploading. Test Equipment Model Seri al No.

SCM PC-Card GmbH

EUT Desc ript ion. Contactless Smart Card Read er. There ar e no other emissions d u ring the fr equency band.

Conta ctles s Sm art. Accr edi tation B odies.

SDI010-1000 USB Contact/ Contact less reader User Manual Template Identiv, Inc

T he EUT meets the reference requirement of Frequency stability under low voltage. Frequency stab ility vs. Schematics Circu it Diagram Schematics. Main Board Front View 2.

If the emission level of the EUT in peak mode was 20 dB lower than the specified. Du al Interface Contac t and Con t actless Smart.

Harry Zh ao Da te. Connect EUT to the power mains through a line impedance stabilization network.

Government Discl aimer Notice. Both chassis come with an integrated fan controller. External Smsrt o tos External Photos External photos. All readings are using a bandwidth of 9 kHz, wi th a 30 ms sweep time.


There ar e no other emissions d uring the frequency band Adds a Couple of Dark Base Cases. Test Repor t Released by: Intern al Photos Intern al Photos Sdi010 smart card reader al photos. Sdi010 smart card reader Board Back View.

There were no modifications installed by EMC Compliance. The readings are peak and average, u sing a QPA bandwidth of kHz, with a 30 ms sweep time.

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