Steady red light after replacing EP cartridge, old cartridge works fine. Steady red light never goes off. Installed more memory in the SuperScript printer how do we test the installation. Incomplete page when printing longer documents or when printing complex images. Getting power off or cable disconnected error. For best performance, select bit access if it is available.

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If this tab is missing the printer will not sense the EP cartridge zuperscript printer and register a steady red light. AutoCad v13 is a Windows based program except for printing.

Can the Nec superscript 860 printers be connected to multiple PC systems, through a mechanical or electronic switching device.

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Upgrade to Word 6. Disable all other modes. Having print quality problems with the SuperScript printer. Click on the OK button.

Green light just blinks, SuperScript printer never prints. Contact Laplan and Xircom technical support for nec superscript 860 assistance. NEC does not support this format. Printer not designed for Windows NT, only Windows 3. Click on the details tab.

New Drivers  EIZO M1700 DRIVER

NEC Superscript 860 Supplies

The procesor doesn’t support Windows. Return EP cartridge to dealer for replacement.

If this does not work call for technical support. Install a new toner cartridge. Supedscript following drivers are needed: To install the SuperScript into Windows 95 do the following: We suggest the following Where can I obtain a parts breakdown of the SuperScript printers? Image nec superscript 860 and wraps around page. SYS cancels all file and print sharing on the network. Door keeps popping open on printer. Contact manufacturer for nec superscript 860 updated video driver.

Shut off the jec, reseat the cable several times at the printer sideretry printing, if same problem replace printer cable with IEEE 6′ printer cable.


If the settings are correct in the application and the printer nec superscript 860 call for support. Try printing from the DOS prompt under Windows. Turn the printer on nec superscript 860 allow it to reset to the ready state. Nev example, if your system has 4 megabytes of RAM, then you must allocate at least 8. Will the SuperScript printer work with an computer. Printing from Beyond mail, send job jec printer no action or error.

New Drivers  U8798 GRAND DRIVER

Cannot print from WP5.

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From the Program Manager screen, double-click on the Control Nec superscript 860 icon. How to install my SuperScript into Windows 95? The specifications are as follows: Cannot print from Compaq, getting error printer not connected. Check the number of printers installed on your system.