Did you read the link i posted, to see what everyone else is doing about it? Posted January 6, edited. Spoilers and NSFW posts must be properly marked. If so i will give that a go tonight. Want to add to the discussion?

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Any help is appreciated. PunkBuster kicked player ‘nick’ for 0 minutes. Just update your Punkbuster, or better still uninstall it and reinstall it, go to evenbalance. I been playing this series since beta and never ever froom to do all that but thanks for the input. M and LMG user on Metro.

This is what it will Restriction: I played on Wednesday without any problems, but today I have gotten kicked 4 times after about 10 minutes by PunkBuster, has anyone had this problem before? Message 1 of 61 38, Views. Did you re-install windows and just BF4 and still see this issue?

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You know the difference. You’ve played your part in BF4 Now it’s time to be a part of the new fight in Battlefield 1.

Solved: PB Kick – RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver – Answer HQ

PunkBuster kicked player ‘DonCarriere’ for 0 minutes DO NOT Copy my pnukbuster even with credit it is best to do your own work and write ups when helping another to show you fully understand what you are posting. I tried a few fixes but haven’t solved anything so far.

I have no unusual programs or drivers running. If you feel my posts can help someone then link them the page the post is on.

PunkBuster keeps kicking me (RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver []) : battlefield_4

Message 10 of 10 Views. I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine. This widget could not be displayed. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. PunkBuster kicked player ‘John’ for 0 minutes Home disallowed program battlefield 2 error disallowed program driver. This is another place you can go for help. Also I’m running the game through origin only so the overlay couldn’t be part of the problem; could it?


View More on EA Help. Have been getting this error quite a bit over the last few days. Latest version of DirectX see this page http: Posted January 4, So it seems that if you have this problem and use the Microsoft remove function you are still leaving crap behind. PunkBuster kicked player ‘Fragger’ for 0 minutes Message 4 of 10 5, Views. I have an open ticket on this but only 2 days old.