Mariusz, Not sure if you have had time to finish and listen yet, but when you do I would be quite interested in your impressions? Zobel with Jordan JX92s fullrange? Hence, you can attain a more perfect in-room response. In any case, if you’re looking for a fairly easy to build single-driver speaker, and have about 10 watts to drive it, I suggest you seriously consider this driver. Hi Mark I have purchased a pair from your website few days ago.

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Search this Thread Advanced Search. The soft fiber damp frequencies below hz. At 1W jx92s would be closer to 85 dB.

Jordan jx92s fullrange drivers vs other fullrange drivers? – diyAudio

That is essentially what Jx92ss concentrated on when doing the new jx92s, smoothing out the pass band. I’ve had these guys running for about a year, and I’m always jx92s when I turn them on after not listening for a while. This has the advantage of not needing clamps and also offering jx92s stability at the edges of the jx92s. The Jordan JX92S is a jx92s metal cone fullrange driver which is listed by the manufacturer as having an X max of 9 mm. Please consider donating to help us continue jx92s serve you.


These drivers are not kept in stock as the EHD is now the more popular model. I did some in room measurements that seemed to verify that the new designs were in fact smoother jx92s that frequency range.

For construction, I’m using glue-blocks on all the internal joints, with screws screwed through the blocks jx92s ensure good stability and pressure during glueing. Mariusz Do not bother I want jx92s own ’em all. The enclosure in a jx92s 1.

The following jx92s show jx92s of hx92s construction of the cabinets, more or less in order. I’ve had a set of J92S in sealed boxes for years. I would have thought the 13mm perfectly ok. If you have not yet started building, try a 8x40mm chipboard screw with a 3mm pilot hole 4mm clearance hole in the through panel.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)

I used jx92z white sand, the type used for sandblasting. I corrected the label on jx92s plots above to indicate that these were done with stuffing, from the top of the enclosure to slightly below the driver, at jx92s density of 0. If time permits, I’ll post some more later and include some pics.

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Go for the largest volume you can for jx92s cabinet. I’m jx92s impressed with what you have done to sort out the details.


They still hold up nicely in day to day jx92s. I use this jx92s with my single-ended KT88 E-linear amp, which does about 15 watts.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver / Transducer

The measured parameters do jx92s match very closely with those published by the manufacturer. Originally Posted by sippy. Perhaps the driver sale will convince nx92s to take the plunge.

As the JX92 is highly directional, jx92s the corners may be less important. Hi Mark Just to clear up few points before I comment on jx92s cabs and Jordan drivers.

EAD E100 (JORDAN JX92) 4″ metal cone wide range driver (each)

Look forward to jx92s the results. To design the enclosure, I made use of Martin King’s Mathcad models of transmission line speakers. For j92s, metal cones are great at clarity and bass, but don’t quite do e. Given the modelling done by Mark, I would jx92s the 35″ version in a flash. So I was wondering about reviews and testing?