Netbooks that comes with this chip are not usable products. OK this is becoming ridiculous, Intel has yet to release a fully working driver to support our chip set and I’m fed up with it, people please, help me pressure Intel into doing something about this, for god sakes they have had 2 years to do something with the pitiful drivers and have done nothing! So I’am very-very disapointed to intel’s GMA product. Dinheiro Como Ganhar http: I was too busy and couldnt take out time to reply any of the queries: I recently installed lubuntu

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Log in to post comments. Ubuntu can not fix driver. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows 7*

Apart mga500 these fixes we are also working on enabling OpenGL 2. June 28th, 6. Ok, But if there working so hard why does it still take them 6 months for on a driver that still may not be all that good when ATI and NVDIA can get graphics drivers out in as little as six weeks.

Intel has not provided working drivers for this chip thus crippling the hardware that uses this chip.


And sir, to be completely honest, Graphics performance seams to have degraded with the newest driver in my testing what is that about. Here are the info: I have tested some there and some where and found rendering bugs too. Did you try install and configure GMA driver under Ubuntu 9.

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 500 (Intel® GMA 500)

Dont even get me started on the fact that the linux drivers have not been updated in a year and a half, plus they cant even ship there on driver with meego. Hello, Several posts mention work on OpenGL 2. Exactly what was done??? They found tons of problem to fix in very build.

Hope someone can help!

Dinheiro Como Ganhar http: But this is the way to install driver under ubuntu I think This is first and one instaol that I use any time. Because it is not open source. I’am thinking that this chip is not usable at all. I hope someone from linux team can help u.

The machine has 1 GB ram, the processor is powerful enough, not much of the RAM is used, but something slows down the display of the launched programs. Also I know i have said this many times but i must ggma500 myself just one more time because it has become more annoying.

New Drivers  DIGINET 4.13 DRIVER

Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows 7*

Its what i look at when i first log on to my computer and its kinnda hard to keep it on. Skip to main content. Answer to your previous query ” You can check whether version string is the same by comparing.

Infact we have recently released another driver version two weeks back only. June 20th, 3. Witch is weird because it is supposed to be Accelerating the video and therefore should only take the processor to about 40 percent If intel thinks that checking e-mail’s is all that customers needs – thay fail.

July 5th, 8. Works great if you consider the specs! Win7 driver development is in act, and they are working a lot, but they have started just this summer.