Also, this output will tell you if the BlockSize is non-zero and hence set for a particular block size. See below for more help of resolving fix versus variable block problems. Then according to what the btape test command returns, you will probably need to set the following see below for an alternative:. Thus data from a single write is always returned in a single read, and sequentially written records are returned by sequential reads. SCSI tapes may either be written in variable or fixed block sizes. Do a diff on the restored directory to ensure it is identical to the original directory.

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The long term solution is to run your drive seqential variable block mode as described above. There are two drives in one autochanger: Problem Resolution Guide Previous: If you are not getting good performance, consider some of the following suggestions from the Allen Balck on the Bacula Users email list:.

Most OSes allow only root to issue this ioctl command. The server team can only test and officialy support a manageable set of configurations and that combination didn’t make the cut.

Bacula expects variable tape block size drives to behave as follows: Bacula does not support SysV tape drive behavior. On FreeBSD, this would be something like: This is because random data does not compress very much.

Testing Your Tape Drive With Bacula

If you must run with fixed size blocks, make sure they are not bytes. If your tape drive is in fixed block mode and you have told Bacula to use different fixed block sizes or variable block sizes defaultyou will get errors when Bacula attempts to forward space to the correct block the kernel driver’s idea of tape blocks will not correspond to Bacula’s. The physical device name or the Device resource name must be specified on the command line, and this same device name must be present in the Storage daemon’s configuration file read by btape.


There is a Solaris version of this tool. If you are attempting to read or write an archive file rather than a tape, the device-name should be the full path to the archive location including the filename. To work properly, btape needs to read the Storage daemon’s configuration file. Doing these steps would help to eliminate any other software or service from causing a potential conflict with the driver install. You should be able to find the driver bundle here: If your tape drive requires fixed block sizes very unusualyou can use the following records:.

On systems other than Linux, you will need to consult your mt man pages or documentation to figure out how to do the same thing. Drives that run in fixed block mode can cause serious problems for Bacula if the drive’s block size does not correspond exactly to Bacula’s block size.

You are getting tape read errors, and this is most likely due to one of the following things: You can get it here: For the program to work, it must find the identical name in the Device resource of the configuration file.


Hp Ultrium 1 Scsi Scsi Sequential Device Driver Download

If you have built the mtx program in the depkgs package, you can use tapeinfo to get quite a bit of information about your tape drive even if it is not an autochanger. Please use only the simple single sxsi option because the multiple tape option still doesn’t work totally correctly. The amount of data should be greater than your memory 3 3. Bacula does not support SysV tape behavior.

Try to set any fixed block size to something like 64, bytes or larger if your drive will support it. Beginning with Bacula version 1. Make sure you have the latest firmware loaded.

If sequebtial cannot get past some point, ask the sequenyial email list, but specify which of the steps you have successfully completed.

The drive must use BSD tape conventions. Please note that Bacula will not function correctly if it writes a block and that block is split into two or more physical records on the tape.

Note, there is also a single tape option as noted below, which you should use rather than the two tape test. By default, they use bacula-sd.