Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Toshiba updates Gigabeat lineup from obscure to niche. Unfortunately, those are about the only details we know at the moment, but those curious to see the complete FCC test report can get their fix at the link below. The contents of this feed are available for non-commercial use only. Toshiba’s 80GB Gigabeat V Now the Windows Portable Media Center is nearly upon us, getting a full list of specs and a rough ship date — for the Japanese market, that is.

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If you haven’t been getting your internet access via Webarooyou must know that the Toshiba Gigabeat S is one of the most eagerly awaited new products of the year — especially by us we were seriously tempted to “borrow” one from the Toshiba booth at CES, but managed to resist.

Toshiba Gigabeat P20K and P10K

Being that this was a business call in the name of journalistic research, however, we refrained from buying one. Toshiba Gigsbeat S shipping this month Not a whole lot to go on here, but it looks like Toshiba has a new Gigabeat media device in the works, one that the FCC seems to have already gotten its hands on. Please see our terms for use of feeds. But this is all about the TeeVee Jack, so the V30T packs in a 30GB drive which, when combined with the EPG, allows p1k to record broadcasts up to 24 hours in advance for a maximum of about hours of recorded, portable video.

Besides the addition of a built-in speaker, the main changes here involve screen size and battery life: The player sits Try not to succumb to that waft of staleness iggabeat your senses right now. Are you the publisher? A lingering death rattle from this once fertile lineage. Besides the capacity bump over the P5L and P10Lthese new P’s retain all of their predecessors’ features: Unfortunately, those are about the only details we know at the gogabeat, but those curious to see the complete FCC test report can get their fix at the link below.


And we’re going to have to decide whether to bite the bullet and pay the markup to pick one giggabeat through a gray market shipper, or continue waiting for the eventual US release.

Gigabeat MP3 player from Toshiba to compete the iPods

Toshiba powers cell phone with methanol fuel cell — no, you can’t have one originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 01 Oct While there’s still no official word of a North American release of Toshiba’s WiFi-packin’ Gigabeat Tit looks like those round these parts can now get their hands on its slightly less-capable counterpart: Also available in navy blue, you know, just in case pastels are too much of a challenge to your man palette.

Toshiba continues to tease us with its prototype liquid fuel cell -powered gadgets: Other little inconveniences like a lack of FM, no video input and a weird requirement to unplug USB when charging make this player hard for the reviewer to recommend. The contents of this feed are available for non-commercial use only. Oh yeah, and gigabea can talk gitabeat you via a spoken interface — which comes in handy for not driving off bridges and what not.

Available June 1st in Japan. Embed this content in your HTML. This open source firmware replacement is chock full of tasty higabeat features, including codec support for over 15 formats like FLAC and Ogg, 5-band parametric EQ, MPEG video, multilingual interface, Doom and a pile of other games, not to mention freedom from iTunes. Let the iPod comparisons commence!

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Toshiba Gigabeat P20K and P10K |

That all changed when Microsoft killed PMC and then blazed a manufacturing trail gigabbeat its own with the second generation Zune. Claim or contact us about this channel. While we’ve been patiently waiting for the US launch of the Gigabeat S set for release today tomorrow according to AmazonToshiba has been quietly prepping their new Gigabeat V series of Windows Portable Media Centers.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a sizable screen to enjoy Microsoft’s Portable Media Center and all the interface joys that lie therein, the new Gigabeat V — which has finally made it to the US in a 30GB, tuner-free version known as the MEV30K — is a bit of a mixed bag.

Toshiba drops a bomb: Specs look basically consistent with what we saw at CES: Damn Tosh, we can feel your embarrassment from here.

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No release date yet, but the phone “might” be available “as early as next year. Engadget RSS Feed http: It was rough though, believe you us, rough indeed. Today’s first episode of the podcast rocks out with more than your classic podcast favs like Ryan and Peter; today’s podcast has interviews with everyone from Engadget contributors on the front lines to the exhibitors behind velvet ropes at the Digital Experience.