Digital Telephoto The MX offers a Digital Telephoto function providing a nominal 2x “magnification” of the image, accessible by pressing the up arrow on the rocker toggle button the down arrow digitally zooms back out. With features like 2x digital zoom, macro mode, auto strobe function, preview shooting, manual sharpness setting and slow sync shooting, this camera gave the user good value for his money. You can help Camera-wiki. Fuji claims that the MX can take up to shots with the LCD off and shots with it on using a single set of batteries. Digital Zoom 2 x.

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This is often the case, but if your subject is much brighter or darker overall, the camera will overcompensate, making for dark-looking snow and beach scenes, and overly bright pictures of mx120 objects. For eyeglass wearers, this fuzziness at the edges is compounded by a rather high “eye point”, and no dioptric correction adjustment. Item location see camsra. Note that if the SmartMedia already contains image files with higher file numbers than the highest number on the last SmartMedia used, images are stored beginning from the highest file number on the current SmartMedia card.

Fujifilm MX – – The free camera encyclopedia

Hitting the Menu button or the left or right arrows on the rocker toggle control allows you to change the flash mode, white balance, or exposure compensation. The image will automatically be recorded at x when using Digital Telephoto, even if the file size had been previously set to x Battery Type see all.


Compression Fine Quality 6 4: A picture index cmera is displayed from which you can view images or open them for editing.

A RSC serial cable and Mac compatible cable come standard with the camera. With a comparable ISO speed, the MX boasts a 38mm 35mm equivalent Fujinon lens with 2x digital zoom and macro capability down to 3.

It is very slim and stylish. We’re reluctant to estimate “number of shots” in this fashion, but our ms1200 indicate the camera should run for upwards of an hour and a half of continuous use with high-power NiMH rechargeable cells and the LCD on continuously.

Add to this a host of features including digital telephoto and economical fhji life, the MX is hard to beat for quality and value.

Buying format see all.

Focal range on the macro end is specified to be as close as 3. Compose the picture, halfway press the shutter button to focus and set exposure if using the LCD monitor, ‘standby’ will appear and then fully press the shutter button to expose.

On the one hand, this could translate into some softness at the extremes of working distances Sitemap Contact Us Global Site. Fujifilm Finepix – 2. It has a maximum resolution of 1, x for sharp images, plus a refined RGB primary color filter for lifelike colors, with Intelligent Auto White Balance and Programmed AE to further enhance results. Basically — it’s small, it’s very easy to use and most importantly, it works very well.


Forced flash is very useful for providing “fill” illumination outdoors when the subjects have their backs to the sun. Need x4 AA batteries. This can brighten backgrounds and avoid the white-subject-on-a-black-background look that’s typical of most nighttime flash shots.

Fuji MX-1200 (1999)

If the subject is close enough as in outdoor acmerajust walk up to it, take an “exposure reading” by locking the exposure with the desired subject digihal the field of view, then back off again to snap the actual picture.

It rotates between eight camera modes: Use Renew to start images at each time a new SmartMedia card is inserted. Slow even by serial-port standards. Unlike the other Fuji digicams I have reviewed, the MX uses AA batteries as its power source rather than a rechargable lithium battery.

It focuses from Flash range is specified as approximately 2.

Fuji suggests setting the flash to Fujl and choosing the desired white balance setting to achieve a particular effect. Formatting erases all images on the card, including protected images, and re-initializes the SmartMedia.

It has rather digita, poorly defined edges, making it hard to tell exactly where the edges of the frame are. Show More Show Less. ISO remains constant atregardless of the mode setting.