I got mine yesterday That is where the latency can occur. It also has a standard MIDI out port on the rear of it too. Mate, take look on the back of your module Thanks alot rasoo ,really appreciate your help mate.

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I know the Behringer unit you are referring to, I am looking at one myself. Alesis state that in the Trigger IO documentation. Help Contact Us Go to top. The diagram would be something like: I hope to link this up with my roland TD8 module but im unsure if this is possible due module not having firewire ports. No problem, don’t forget too that most 32bit driver work peachy under a 64bit OS.

Please read our VDrum. The TD8 can use USB to connect to the PC as midi info does not require the fastest connection, as there is relatively little midi info being sent at any given timeusb1. I am no PC geek either, just load it and it works. Measured latency was 6. I always thought it did Rob Building GAS as we speak!! It also has a standard MIDI out port on the rear of it too. Ok, the module does not connect to the FCA DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username.


I mean I am running 32 bit drivers on my Vista64 version with no problem. Its the way the world is unfortunately Obviously you would choose the FCA as the default sound device or disable the internal PC sound so it automatically uses the outboard soundcard.

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There are separate folders to differentiate the 2. Previous 1 2 template Next.

I know with Vista 64 that I am running it automatically assigns resources to cope with 32 and 64 applications. Where you DO want the very fast connection is in the audio processing side of things, hence why good soundcards are firewire or PCIe connections.

fva202 I bought 2 of them for a few bucks each Does Vista 64 and 7 64 not have a condition set where you can run the program in 32bit mode?

As a dedicated driver is required,seems like i have bought myself a paper weight.

Behringer FCA F-Control Firewire Audio Interface – VDrums Forum

I have Vista64 on my other machine so I will test it out on that and see how it goes. Hi vosta for you reply. How do i go about this. Hirecieved Behringer FCA F-Control Firewire Audio Interface looks like there all unresolved compatibility problems with this interface when running in 64 bit computer.


Thanks alot rasoo ,really appreciate your help mate.

Measured latency is 7. They are cheap, and I think would do the job nicely.

Behringer FCA202 Free Driver Download

It speeds things up quite a bit. You should be fine. And if you did it would be an exercise in overkill. Login or Sign Up.