The results for P are not accurately reflected here because of a few tests that yielded wrong results. It must also do it at a reasonable refresh rate. This video card is the NOW! Please view each snapshot in detail to see all the available settings. While the 2D image quality could definitely be improved, for most users with 17″ or smaller monitors, the Banshee shouldn’t be a huge disappointment. Lately, it looks like many of Diamond’s products are featuring EtronTech’s ram chips. Each displayed pixel must cover at least one red, one green and one blue dot – a “triad” – in order to be displayed correctly.

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Powerstrip showed that the default core-speed is Mhz and the memory-speed is Mhz! And the Screen Saver dusion an on or off option, likely you could use it to switch off screen-savers that conflict with some games.

Game-2 Here, again you can see the blockiness and lack of smoothness in the image. Along the same note, the beta-reference Bansshee cards in the begining had TV-out but in the final version, they removed it to cut costs doesn’t seem to help from the look of the price tag!

The Banshee only has a single texture processor known in the Voodoo2 community as a Texelfx processor meaning it requires two passes to render multi-textured environments. This is the dot layout of a standard “shadow mask” monitor. Chipset mounted cooling fan Supported API s: Besides the FPU on the K is too weak to allow for high resolution gameplay. Refresh rates below about 72Hz cause visible flicker; higher rates don’t. Taking in mind that the specs are what you would expect 6 months ago, I still give the 3D part of this card a 4 of 5 Clintons.


There’s no way to rectify them but to use 3dfx drivers. Different people have different thresholds of annoyance when it comes to screen flicker, but staring at a 60Hz screen all day is an unpleasant experience for pretty much anyone.

Diamond Monster Fusion Z100 AGP graphics card

Of course, a clean install should be more successful than the other above methods. Some, like Incoming, come in different versions for different colour depths.

But the problem with that is that it only uses 16 Bit color. It’s only when using 3DMark99 with Diamond drivers that you’ll see the blocky effects. Refresh rate, measured in Hertz Hzis the number of times per second the screen is “repainted” with the image.

Review: Diamond Monster Fusion Z AGP graphics card

Diamonf is an obvious deferral from the standard 3Dfx methodology of graphics accelerator production which normally calls for a separate 3D accelerator. You could say that it’s Rush-2 but 3dfx wanted to avoid people recalling their troublesome Rush chipset.

The last tab, Shortcuts, is dialogue box to add in different short-cuts to be accessed easily. They redesigned their 2D core to improve the problems with current 2D accelerators on the market. But for a strightly 3D solution, try an Obsidian X which we’ll be reviewing soon.

Within 15 minutes I was running through the halls of Unreal and doing 50 ft jumps in Motocross Madness. The presence of the fan makes the heatsink itself pretty much fin-free, and so the whole assembly doesn’t do nearly as good a job of keeping the chip cool as a “full size” fan and sink combo. Even in by resolution it only managed This will be a real drawback for games that use large amount of textures in the coming future as it will really slow down game-play.


The diamondd itself has no MPEG-2 motion compensation. Refer to the Reference driver images for checking the real image-quality.

You couldn’t go all that far overclocking this card, anyway, because it’s already clocked higher than most Banshee boards. This very useful to remove old or duplicate Glide drivers to install new ones. The Monster Fusion can maintain an 85Hz refresh rate all the way up to by pixels in 24 bit; it supports x, but only at 60Hz.

Diamond Monster Fusion graphics card – Voodoo Banshee – 16 MB

Using the same hdd and other items! Henceforth, run the game from this short-cut. Don’t get me wrong, this card kicks ass right now. Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in atp size, click on pictures: