And you know what? Kozlowski did not have too many acting roles after her appearance as Sue Charlton and she only got bit parts now and then. His performance was that impressive that the actor actually won an Academy Award for his acting skills. This was despite his best intentions to get the wheels rolling on Nugget Gets A Life — he even went as far as to finance the production of the pilot himself. He ran the gyms until when he retired from the business world too.

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Was this review helpful to you? Sue invites Mick to return with her to New York City on the pretext of continuing the feature story.

Crocodile Dundee () – IMDb

Caitlin Clarke as Simone Then. Terry appeared in more the 26 Australian TV productions, including both guest appearances and crocodils roles. Neville Bell Ritchie Singer Official film series logo.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some actors have played small roles in movies then kind of faded into hiding never to be seen again whereas others burst onto our screens after one small break.

Where are they now: The cast of Crocodile Dundee

Blum has performed on Broadway and is now part of the faculty of HB Studio, an organization dedicated to helping struggling actors.


Australia as Geoff Wharton.

So how have the years treated Paul? In the movie Crrocodile played a bad guy and a rival of Mike the Crocodile Dundee. Australia as Geoff Wharton Zachary Winestine Surprisingly the actress only went on to do a few more movie roles after playing Simone in Crocodile Dundee.

Back in the early Eighties, Mette appeared in a satirical comedy, Meet the Hollowheads inalongside a year-old Juliette Lewis. Kozlowski did not have too many acting roles after her appearance as Sue Charlton and she only got bit parts now and then.

Where Is The Cast of Crocodile Dundee Now?

So what does he look like today? Before Crocodile DundeeReginald had 5 acting credits to go on his name, but it was definitely this particular role as Gus that turned him into what he is today. Dancer at Party uncredited Dhonna Harris Goodale These days, Blum is on the faculty of HB Studio, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding struggling performance artists. She invites him back to New York City and the two eventually fall in love even though Charlton is dating another man.

Not the most outstanding role and most people probably remember her better for her role in Home Alone 4, and as the mother of the Olsen twins in the TV series, So Little Time. He appeared in many other films throughout the s and 70s such as Watch it, Sailor!


Whatever Happened To ‘Crocodile Dundee’s’ Star?

You will have seen him playing parts in: Look at my hat! What exactly is he up to. These duhdee just some of the TV shows and movies Aida has starred in: Justified, From Dusk Until Dawn: How many shows do you recognize her from?

What is he up to now?

Although David Gulpilil was hilarious on-screen, his real life was not so funny. Did he go on to make other movies or step away from the limelight?

This actor and traditional Australian dancer was made famous for his role as Neville Bell. Crocodile Dundee 6. After his brief performance in the Crocodile Dundee sequel, Folger disappeared from the big screen for a while, returning only 11 years later to take on the role of a Krishna-loving religious enthusiast in the controversial comedy, The Underground Comedy Movie released in