Yes, this method may slow down throughput initially, but is sure to save you a lot of time on the back end. This guide was written to help you maximize document throughput of your Copiscan Spectrum Scanner when scanning in color, while also drawing your attention to the relationship between some of the scanner’s functions and its performance. The blue box graphically shows the limits set for the auto-brightness set while using the VRS Admin option. The Special Features will not change when reloading a Profile. The most frequent error here is that the hardware has been installed before the software. You can tape documents that are smaller than the minimum width and length requirements to a larger page side. To remove the top cover of the skimmer assembly, squeeze the tabs located on top of the assembly together and pull the cover off the assembly.

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Talk to a Technician Now! This can be set in the following way:. Set Advanced Color Functionality Auto Color Detect When scanning documents with varying color content-some of which contain color you want to keep and some of which don’t-you’ll want to turn on Auto Color Detect.

Troubleshooting This section contains troubleshooting information regarding scanner components. Make copiecan the imprinter is located in the proper position and that the document is wide enough to be imprinted.

Bell And Howell Copiscan 8000 Spectrum Operator’s Manual

The cleaning reminder is displayed but the scanner is still clean. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual Figure Another multifeed technology is infrared detection, which detects doublefeeds when a manual thickness parameter is exceeded.


However, users that do not want their Spectrum scanner to stop on a multifeed can easily set the scanner to notify when a multifeed is detected the scanner wpectrum and keeps scanning or to ignore multifeeds altogether. The lower feeder roller. If the tinting is still there, run camera calibration. Otherwise, users would need to increase the Auto Color Detect aggressiveness threshold to a very high setting, which could result in false positives documents with either bitonal or undesired color information being saved as color images.

When the Spectrum driver is loaded correctly, the VRS icon spectdum be displayed in the windows task bar. All steps to be run before installing version of VRS3. Like with Auto Color Detect, users can modify a threshold setting to determine how “aggressive” the algorithm is in determining if a pixel is a background pixel.

20 Most Recent Bell & Howell Copiscan Spectrum Questions & Answers – Fixya

It should take about 15 minutes to install the scanner. Remove the plastic shipping bag and the packaging inserts from on top of the scanner.

The number and type of revision numbers displayed will depend on the particular set of options fitted to the scanner. S Canner Copiscan Plus Series Operator Manual As documents travel through the transport, they are guided by seven sets of transport rollers. Using your left hand, pull the spring-loaded, green lever toward the left. Here’s how you can start: Separator Roller Assembly 7. If the scanner seems to have a number of multi-feeds, it is a good indication that the separator roller will need to be removed and coplscan cleaned.

Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages speectrum minute PPM include:. They should be rotated every so often so that they wear evenly. Another way to think about it is that the higher you set the aggressiveness threshold, the harder the scanner looks for color.


Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 4. To select doc prep, follow the directions below: Press F1 OK — if you forget step, your scanner will not be fully programmed. So when a user encounters a multifeed, a VRS message pops up on the user’s PC indicating that a multifeed has occurred. Auto Color Detect technology to automatically scan bitonal and color documents in a mixed batch, without pre-sorting or patch coding.

Make sure the new flag is in the correct position, with the UP facing upward.


Operation Before you begin to scan documents, there are some functions of the scanner you should know. Moving either guide toward the center of the tray also moves the other one the same distance toward the center. If you have problems connecting your application software to the scanner once you have installed it, try reloading VRS again.

Separate procedures will be indicated for simplex scanners where procedures are different. If you’d like to learn more about how the Spectrum model and other Spectrum Series scanners; Help maximize batch size, Lower batch-to-batch switching time, Increase the overall throughput of your scanning operation, Close Copiscab.