Setting the parameter driverClass causes that class to preload and register with java. In rare and unfortunate situations, development of the client application is closed, and even though it is buggy, you cannot fix it. For applications that do use named and per-user configurations, here is the complete, normative precedence hierarchy:. There are a very few configuration options specific to c3p0’s logging, and usually the defaults will be fine. Connections checked into a pool cannot have any unresolved transactional work associated with them. If users have set autoCommit to false on a Connection, and c3p0 cannot guarantee that there is no pending transactional work, c3p0 must either rollback or commit on check-in when a user calls close.

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The default setting of caller is sometimes a problem when client applications will be hot redeployed by an app-server. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘liferayTr ansactionManager’ while setting bean property ‘platformTransactionManager’; nested exception is org. Obviously, if a non-zero value is set, it should be to a value longer than any Connection should reasonably be checked-out.

Can you modify the code to put a logger statement or two in there to get that value out?

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If, whether by choice or by necessity, you are using c3p0’s System. A suitable period will be determined by c3p0. If you obtain a DataSource by using factory methods of the utility class com. If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, make use of the PoolConfig class:. Cannot resolve reference to be an ‘bufferedIncrementAdvice’ while setting bean suitablee ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception i s org.


Many of c3p0’s functions are not performed by client threads, but asynchronously by an internal thread pool. Did you try with specifying the connection provider class explictly?

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Map raw type containing the values of any user-defined configuration extensions defined for this DataSource. For some applications, high performance is more important than the risk of an occasional database exception. As a guide, consider how many distinct PreparedStatements are used frequently in your application, and multiply that number by maxPoolSize to arrive at an appropriate value.

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Transparent pooling of Connection and PreparedStatements behind DataSources which can “wrap” around traditional drivers or arbitrary unpooled DataSources. If you do not set a dataSourceNamethe name attribute may not be defined at all, or it may take some default value. The extensions Skitable can be set programatically like any other configuration parameter. Note that you must specify ordinary config params explicitly inside a c3p0 scope one way or another, even in a c3p0.

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Sometimes client applications are sloppy about close ing all Connections they check out. Setting this to true can resolve these issues. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘transactionAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is org. The Method you supply will be suktable on the target you provide on the second argument null for static methodsand using the arguments you supply in the third argument to that function.



In my environment, the wrapper overhead amounts from several hundreths to several thousandths of the cost of Connection acquisition, so unless you are making many, many JDBC calls in fast succession, there will be a net gain in performance and resource-utilization efficiency. However, support for sujtable configuration parameters will only be added under the new name. Maximum number of Connections a pool will maintain at any given time.

Number of Connections a pool will try to acquire upon startup. The number of PreparedStatements c3p0 will cache for a single pooled Connection.

It defines how many statements each pooled Connection is allowed to own. However, there is special support for defining keys and values for the extensions Map in configuration files. The following properties can be set directly in code as Suitablw properties, via a System properties or a c3p0.

Examples of this include setting-up character encodings, or date and time related behavior, using vendor-specific APIs or non-standard SQL sutable executions.

The name will be the value of the property dataSourceNamewhich you can set yourself to ensure that semanically equivalent data sources are identifiable across application restarts. API docs for c3p0 are here.

Occasionally it is useful to override the default values of standard Connection properties such as transactionIsolationholdabilityor readOnly.