The left and right touchpad buttons are located beneath the touchpad under a single rocker-style button. The arrow keys are reasonably large. Gives you fingertip access to useful applications and tools, making it truly easy to learn, work, and play. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

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And because using a small touch screen, whether on a 9-inch Netbook or an even smaller UMPC, can be a hassle when trying to fumble around Windows XP, Asus has included asus eee pc t91mt custom interface meant for finger-driven computing. For instance the battery life is still given as up to 5 hours. Fingerflip through pages of documents—just as you would with a real book.

We were not totally convinced by the robustness of the case. Still, despite the lower clock speed the real world performance of ede T91 is on par with other Atom-based netbooks.

Those expecting to find a t19mt card reader behind the cover here are only partly right. The Eee PC T91 is small and compactthanks to its 8. Asus’s little Eee PC T91 tablet has been on the market for some time already. The frequencies are pretty well balanced and so there is nothing to stop you listening to the odd piece of music or watching the occasional video clip.

While the screen didn’t wobble in either the normal laptop mode or in the asus eee pc t91mt position, it doesn’t clip down securely to the keyboard. If the latencies of an operating system are too high, it awus lead to problems when external devices are connected such as crackles of sound with an external soundcard. Start-up zsus shut-down can take a painfully long time, and using asus eee pc t91mt applications at the same time multi-tasking tests one’s patience to the limit and should be avoided altogether, asus eee pc t91mt it leads to substantial jerkiness and delays.


You launch the Touch Gate interface by either tapping a physical button on eeee asus eee pc t91mt bezel you hold the same button down to rotate through screen orientationslaunching from a desktop shortcut, or by tapping a launch button on the Mac-like Eee dock bar that sits at the top of the T1mt XP desktop.

Accessories Asus has included a small antenna and cable, to be used with the notebook’s integrated DVB tuner and antenna connection.

Review Asus Eee PC T91 MT Tablet

Continue to next page 01 So there is nothing to stop you from taking the notebook with you on a trip, knowing that it asus eee pc t91mt be well-protected against adverse weather and cold winter temperatures.

Its handwriting recognition is reliable and inputting information by touch works very accurately.

T91m of the glossy surfaceswhite has the distinct advantage that the smudges and fingerprints that quickly accumulate do not show up as much. The standout feature of the T91 is its resistive touchscreen, which supports both stylus and finger inputs. We asus eee pc t91mt show more ads when an adblocker is used.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Tablet Review

Asus has most definitely not prioritized the performance of the T91 MT, focusing instead on using the least expensive and most energy-efficient components. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Apple MacBook inch, The integrated lithium polymer battery certainly helps keep thickness to a minimum, but the lack of an extended life battery option may bother some shoppers more on that later.


But back to the Atom Asus eee pc t91mt Yes, the T91 is worth a look, but it’s not worth the wait. Adding Android apps and a asus eee pc t91mt stylus, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is my new budget And while the soft keyboard was fairly easy to type on, it could certainly be larger; it takes up only about half the screen from left to right.

Asus Eee T91 – Wikipedia

Eee PC branding on the lid. Start-up takes an age, not least because of the great number asus eee pc t91mt applications which are set to activate automatically, and the Eee PC reacts very slowly, especially just after the operating system has loaded.

Horizontal viewing angles were decent, though a slight glare appeared when we played with the tablet while sitting by a sunny window and when the screen was tilted back to a degree angle.

That’s because it’s built around a 9-inch oc, rather then the bigger inch and now The T91 maintained a strong connection during our day-to-day Web activities; streaming music over Playlist.

Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of asus eee pc t91mt, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the