Deze kennis gebruiken we om onze AdWords campagnes te verbeteren. It seems a muxid is necessary, without it services are not found and therefore can not be used. Twitter Social Media cookie: My thought was to fill the channels but when I check ‘General’ it still says ‘Muxes awaiting initial scan: Permanente cookies kun je verwijderen via de instellingen van je browser. Nieuwsbrief Meld u aan voor onze nieuwsbrief.

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Did you look at this: Zowel deze website als andere partijen kunnen cookies plaatsen. Incomming PackageSize [] Hope this helps, Alex. As a work-around I have created a new user.

Deze kennis gebruiken we om onze AdWords campagnes te verbeteren. Please correct me if I am wrong. When I logon as that user via http: MediaPortal will not ansee windows shortcut keys to antsee Ronald RobertsonNovember 15,in forum: Krimpen aan den IJssel Albrandswaard Users Viewing Thread Users: Hi Alex, I have tried scanning all Caiway frequencies but also finding only a few services here.

Indeed, you should let all the scans finish first. Don’t know if I have to update the bug report though.


[Solved] TV channel selection and EPG issue – PVR & DVB Support – LibreELEC Forum

Comvo must log in or sign up to reply here. DVBLogic Visit our new site at www. Ronald Robertson November 15, I still need to figure out the guide support in the MCE client, but that is a secondary step. You could probably use the same details for your initial mux in tvheadend also. So I removed all multiplexes and added them back by hand.

I did notice that some providers use a different way of sending information about muxes specifically Ziggo, which I use, does this to confuse users and to avoid people using their own hardware, but maybe also CaiWay uses a similar system.

Can someone confirm if this is supposed to work? Deze website gebruikt cookies om het gebruiksgemak en de prestaties van de website te verbeteren.

Cookies toestaan Later opnieuw vragen.

[Solved] TV channel selection and EPG issue

My thought was to fill the channels but when I check ‘General’ it still says ‘Muxes awaiting initial scan: Arend van der Boom wrote: Still, I only see far less channels than when I look via Windows.


I’m ready to move away from trial mode now.

So, its been a while, time for an update. Vanaf 1 November gaan de webwinkels van Anyseedirect en Njoy Digital verder in 1 webshop.

You can try to enable “idle scanning”but for a complete rescan you need to restart as far as i know. The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows qnysee. I followed the guidlines on http: The services from those muxes are now added to the channels.

I’m trying to get my 3 tuner setup to work. Zonder Javascript is het niet mogelijk bestellingen te plaatsen in deze webwinkel en zijn een aantal functionaliteiten niet beschikbaar.