Nice dark tint, great product for the price. In W, as you conduct research and then work in groups, and on your own to produce a variety of research-based documents, you will participate in a process that focuses on the development of these skills. The ugly paper is the 1st of 3 prewriting steps that will help you draft a Literature Review. Start creating your grid. Start with the lead and try to create a partial draft using two of the subtopics to start the paper, bring what you have to the next class.

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Read the Assignment Sheet for the Lit. Slavery and the Making of America might help you have a better context of this issue for the colonies, and later the nation. And yes, I tend to look at class participation and attendance and count these ajdea important factors when I do place the final grade: Fill out your Revision Strategy sheet.

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To receive credit for this class, students in the School of Liberal Arts must pass with at least a C. Find six sources and start reading them.


For supplemental help from module 1, read sections at the Etext. I will be in my office from 7: Using figures of speech in the disciplines for targeting academic audiences.

The university, also, holds all students responsible for their electronic Accounts.

The final portfolio will be docked one letter grade if it isn’t turned into me the day it is due that means in my hands ; it will be docked another letter grade for each day that it is late. See offer for details. So, leave the texting, facebooking, etc. Students needing accommodations because of a disability will need to register with Adaptive Educational Services AES and complete the appropriate forms issued by AES before accommodations will be given.

Argument, and from resources, read the three student samples of a researched argument and the power point on argument.

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Last chance for a Lit. Work Day at home or computer lab. Once I leave campus I will not be back until the next semester.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Learn more about Amazon Prime. You should have a complete draft by now. The standards of the writing program require that I read and respond to all material and that the student revise that material before it can be turned in for a grade.


When in class I expect you to be revising, researching, drafting, or reading course materials, etc. Begin drafting the L.

Compose a132 in class—CAB due next class. Imported mirrored Lens width: If you answer your cell phone in class, 5 points will be deducted from your final grade.

Read ch 2 in WRP. VonZipper Dipstick Rectangular Sunglasses. And start drafting your RA.

Periodically throughout the semester I will be entering data on factors such as your class attendance, aidda, and success with coursework, among other things. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. Peer response will focus on Lit.

And to help you understand this a w1332 more: Please try your search again later. Have an electronic and hard copy ready. From circle 5 read the questions on Revision Strategy sheet Feb