May 25, at Topics Out Of Office. Acer Aspire One D While the netbook is kept in white on the outsides, the device is completely black on the inside. The reason for this restriction is the protruding battery on the back side and for which a rubber lip has been fastened to the bottom edge of the display in order to prevent a thrashing when opening too recklessly. The integrated Intel GMA graphic chip set , which is also used in most netbooks of the competitors, takes care of the graphic needs.

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Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Vivo X21 UD Review. Trackpad has multi-touch capability and the 1b is now placed at the bottom, not the sides which was awkward and a turn-off.

June 11, at 6: Those who are into voluminous bass enjoyment should use high quality headphones or feed the audio signal over the 3. The employed loudspeakers turn out very much worth hearing for acer aspire one d150 1bb conditions.

John Ray Cabrera says: You’ll have to chum up with the more pulsing soundscape in practical mode. The availability of Bluetooth depends on the chosen model. It looks different on the inside of the notebook on the black display casing.

Absolute silence could only be perceived from us in a completely unstressed idle use in energy savings mode. The usual netbook fare of connections are found on the device. In the meantime, acer aspire one d150 1bb websites, as well as applications are intended for the common x WXGA format, making it hard for ome to a part.


Gateway, which has an own laptop line-up, acer aspire one d 1bb also belonged to the Acer Group since. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The offered keyboard presents somewhat smaller keys than diverse competitors in the 10 inch netbook category.

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Only one RAM slot exists aspie an eventual upgrade, though. The mobile energy source with a capacity of 59 Whwhich has an energy consumption of merely approx.

What now counts on the netbook market is exclusively the broad mass, and they obviously also want a bigger display. February 4, at 4: In adverse light conditions, as they are especially unavoidable at outdoor use, acer aspire one d150 1bb display surfaces are the cause of strong reflections. Loudspeakers The employed loudspeakers turn out very much worth hearing for netbook conditions.

Samsung Galaxy J6 review. You have to struggle mainly with increasing reflections in the horizontal viewing area. The guaranty can acef extended to up to three years, though.

Acer Aspire ONE DBb – ” – Atom N – 1 GB RAM – GB HDD Overview – CNET

The reasons for this are the immensely protruding battery out of the case as well as the rubber feet in the front area, which elevate the Acer aspire one d150 1bb One asplre above the base. In adverse light conditions, as they are especially unavoidable at outdoor use, glossy display surfaces are the cause of strong reflections.


Internet communication is fun and easy with the integrated Acer Crystal Eye webcam — you can see and talk to friends down the street or continents away. Fortunately, the observed temperatures in the practical WLAN modemeaning internet-surfing and writing texts, turned out to be scer dramatic.

Review Acer Aspire One D Netbook – Reviews

The additional 60MHz is not much but is a welcome addition nonetheless. That’s your life with the Aspire ONE. Now acer aspire one d150 1bb time has come and our overall impression turns out somewhat divided.

This is restricted to approx. The 1gb One D can be picked up and carried around at all corners and edges without hesitation and without even the slightest creaking. Therefore it’s more efficient than the forerunner chip, the N