And “professional” type cards have never been very good for gaming. Likewise with Delta, the Gamma G1 geometry co-processor is not optimized for games. Even professional FireGL card doesn’t look dangerous. But it can’t do the colored lighting and so Q2 looks quite different than normal. One of Permedia 2’s other claims to fame is that it has integrated triangle setup hardware, previously a separate chip called Delta.

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The discrete Delta geometry co-processor chip originally featured in the Permedia NT is now integrated into the Permedia 2’s core logic, resulting in a single-chip solution. The Oxygen GVX1 featured a separate geometry co-processor known as Gamma G1 chip 3dlabs permedia 2 performing transformation, clipping and lighting calculations, extending what the Delta co-processor performed in the Permedia and Permedia 2 series.

How did it compare to others of it’s time? This page was 3dlabs permedia 2 modified on 11 Mayat 3dlabs permedia 2 Voodoo1 is surely faster and definitely works better with games. In any case the correction is faster and more precise than with first Permedia. Results from GLQuake bigass demo are especially bad as Permedia is playing it with lots of small freezes.

And yeah it’s quite slow. Other consumer-level graphics cards at the time only supported emboss bump mapping.

Subsidiary of Creative 3dlabs permedia 2. See Permedia 2 gallery Results Permedia 2 often struggles to deliver comfortable gaming at xx Both are also Direct3D 6-compliant. There is no way depth buffering would eat half of memory bandwidth so what is the reason why Permedia stays behind the expected performance of highly parallel architecture?


It did pretty 3dlabs permedia 2, especially for a 3D 3dlabs permedia 2, also what I had not noticed before was the great image quality, it’s crisp, bright and sharp with a great colour balance. Even professional FireGL card doesn’t look dangerous. Permedia NT differs from the original in that it features a separate geometry co-processor chip known as Delta for performing geometry setup calculations.

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But Voodoo2 did have it. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Reviews were keen 3dlabs permedia 2 Permedia 2 for being almost first professional product that can play games as well, even if not so fast.

From CT’s 83 MHz you cannot gain more than two megahertz without running into artifacts.

This riddle 3dlabs permedia 2 to be solved. Archived from the original on October 18, I did however, ran one at my old workplace in a CAD machine during 98”. Next chip Permedia started only with OpenGL and other permeedia for professional applications.

3dlabs permedia 2 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It ran MotoRacer like a charm but was basically useless for everything else that required 3D acceleration. Later card revisions added AGP 4x support – if purchased in a retail box, there usually will be an 3dalbs 4x” sticker present on the box to indicate such 3dlabs permedia 2. Uploaded the Win95 drivers for 3DLabs Permedia 1 to vogonsdrivers. Host accessible is also output FIFO 32 bits wide.


I could actually play Carmageddon and Unreal um, ah, during break of course?

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Likewise with Delta, the Gamma G1 geometry co-processor is not optimized for games. Fog unit 3dlabs permedia 2 linear interpolation per vertex with value calculated by host function and can reject completely fogged fragments from plotting.

I wanted to hear from people who actually owned one. The card Nothing perjedia to get excited about, Permedia 2 boards look simple, cost efficient.

Permedia 2 not only offers various masks like scissor, 3dlabs permedia 2 and color component tests, but whole pipeline can be skipped and host can use direct access to local buffer for custom programs. Pefmedia can find reviews on my own. There are several things wrong, but still a good show for a chip.